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I had my photo taken inside a coffin

I had my photo taken inside a coffin

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I never thought I could do it. I never thought I'd have enough intestinal fortitude to push through with it. But I did it and it made me realize my capacity to conquer fear. Yes, I went inside a coffin...and even had my photo taken while I was inside it! It all happened last November 1, 2012 at a local cemetery. My relatives and I decided to visit the cemetery in the afternoon. At the entrance of the cemetery, my cousin and I saw this life insurance company's booth. We were curious why there was a pink coffin there. Apparently, it was part of the company's gimmick. They then told us that we can have our photos taken while inside the coffin. My cousin readily said yes (what a brave soul!) and then it was my turn. Let's just say that it took the company agent and my cousin a few minutes t...

Funny Camiguin Island restaurant washroom photo

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Before I finally hit the sack this chilly Sunday evening, let me share with y'all a funny photo I took the last time I was in Camiguin Island, Mindanao, Philippines. My mother, brothers and I went to Camiguin (also known as the Island Born of Fire) early this year and stayed there for 5 days. Anyways, on our second day in the island, we decided to make a quick stop at a restaurant at the Parola area (some of the locals also call it "break water") since we needed "baon" for our day tour. I also had to go to the washroom. So imagine my amusement when I found this: Plastered on the men's washroom door, meanwhile, is a framed brief. I remember laughing so hard that I absolutely needed to enter the women's CR right away, lest that I end up pissing right there and then! Some peopl...

Scary and weird display at Marcella SM Cagayan de Oro branch

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I'm not a visual display expert but I think this display of wigs over at Marcella SM Cagayan de Oro branch looks weird. Scary even. I was paying for the items I bought at the said store when I saw this area near the cashier. Don't these look as if they came right out of a scene in the cult flick "The Ring"? Or don't these look like as if these are real ladies waiting for their hair to be shampooed? I mean this is just my personal opinion but come on! I appreciate that the Marcella store needs to showcase the wigs and sell them but I seriously think there's a much better way to arrange the display. Apologies for the low quality of the photos. Just took this one with my Motorola Krzr.
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