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Cool travel apps your phone must have

Cool travel apps your phone must have

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Hi, fellow avid traveler! Make your next trip extra convenient! I personally use these travel apps. See if these can help you as well. Please don't forget to send me your feedback! :) iTranslate I tried this app and it’s pretty nifty especially for international travelers, I must say. So what happens is, if you’re in an area where there aren’t many English speakers and you need to ask someone something (perhaps a street vendor?), use the app by speaking into your phone. iTranslate will allow you to have that translated to 90 different languages. Choose the language you want. Then ask the non-English speaker to talk into your phone and it automatically translate into the language you chose. Amazing! By the way, this app can also be useful for those who want to learn a new language. Essaye...
How to pay your Philippine travel taxes online

How to pay your Philippine travel taxes online

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Here in the Philippines, individuals who leave the country need to pay travel taxes. The Philippine travel tax is actually a levy imposed by the government. Filipino citizens, foreign passport holders and non-immigrant foreign passport holders who have stayed in the country for more than one year are usually required to pay full travel taxes when they go abroad. Currently, the Philippine travel tax rates are Php 1,620 for economy passage and Php 2,700 for first class passage. I'm sure frequent travelers like myself will agree that the queues at the travel tax payment booths can be time consuming. To address this, the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) has launched a system for travelers to pay their Philippine travel tax online. Here's how you do it. ...

Why Toast Cafe Should Be On Your Must Visit In Cebu List

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I’m back on Philippine shores! Taiwan was lovely and I can’t wait to share with you all my travel stories. In the meantime, let me share a really cool place I just discovered in Cebu City, where I took my flight to Taiwan from. It’s called Toast Cafe, it’s located at Cuarto Hotel near Fuente Circle, and it’s awesome. Toast Cafe is chic with its brick walls and wooden furniture yet homey with its chalkboards and friendly, attentive staff. Space is limited but is private enough to let you concentrate on your own meal, laptop or book. Tasteful interiors and a great use of space. Plus this may sound peculiar but can I just say that you must use the john (slang for washroom!) while you’re there? Toast Cafe is a nice date place, a place where you can meet your gal pals or have fami...
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