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Cool travel apps your phone must have

Hi, fellow avid traveler! Make your next trip extra convenient! I personally use these travel apps. See if these can help you as well. Please don’t forget to send me your feedback! 🙂


I tried this app and it’s pretty nifty especially for international travelers, I must say. So what happens is, if you’re in an area where there aren’t many English speakers and you need to ask someone something (perhaps a street vendor?), use the app by speaking into your phone. iTranslate will allow you to have that translated to 90 different languages. Choose the language you want. Then ask the non-English speaker to talk into your phone and it automatically translate into the language you chose. Amazing! By the way, this app can also be useful for those who want to learn a new language. Essayez-le!

mindanaoan at taipei 101 tower


This one’s a travel packing checklist. The app can help you pack your suitcase so you will no longer have any excuse and say you forgot to bring this or that! What’s cool is that the list will be based on your destination, travel dates and activities. For instance, if you’re spending a week during winter, the app can help figure out the quantity of items in your suitcase (how many jackets, tops etc). Very helpful!


This is an alternative to Packr. The app also helps you stuff your suitcase. What you just need to do is key in where you’re heading and what your activities will be (is it a work-related trip? are you heading to the beach? will you be going camping?) and then the app suggests the stuff that you need to bring. You can also see the weather forecasts on the days of your trip.


Use this when you’re heading abroad. It’s basically a map app that can help plan your route. I use this here in New York and this also functions in Singapore and Hong Kong. The app gives live updates on bus and subway arrivals. Saves time and effort! You can also save maps offline.

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I’ve been using this app since forever! My favorite feature is that it allows you to forward all of your emails that contain booking details to the app and then TripIt collates all of those. As a result, all the details are arranged pretty nicely so it’s more convenient for you to track your tickets and everything else.

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