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New partnership in town: Kenny Rogers Roasters and Coca Cola

A cheerful toast is in order! Kenny Rogers Roasters, one of the country’s largest restaurant chains and one of my personal favorite places for rotisserie-roasted chicken, has partnered with Coca-Cola, the leading beverage company in the country, to deliver perfect dining pairings to Filipinos across the Philippines.

After more than a decade, these 2 powerhouse brands reunited for diners to enjoy their favorite Kenny Rogers Roasters meals with their favorite Coca-Cola products.

Kenny Rogers Roasters’ unique recipes for rotisserie-roasted chicken, complemented by a rich variety of hot and cold side dishes and beloved corn muffins, are now paired with much-loved Coca-Cola products. The partnership supports the restaurant chain’s commitment to innovating their product offerings and continuous service excellence to its guests, as it shares with Coca-Cola Philippines the same passion for bringing people together through its portfolio. 

“At the heart of everything we do at Kenny Rogers Roasters is the goal of strengthening relationships through good and awesome food made with love. For more than 25 years, day in and day out, we’ve been serving our guests with deliciously healthy meals. Through our partnership with Coca-Cola, we see ourselves elevating the dining experience of our guests with the perfect match of our food and ice-cold Coca-Cola products,” said Frederick Siy, President and Owner of Epicurean Partners Exchange Inc.

Established in the US in 1991, the famous food-service brand brought its roasted chicken to the Philippines in 1995 and quickly became popular among Filipino diners. On top of serving quality dishes, Kenny Rogers restaurants’ cozy and homey ambiance sealed the chain’s status as one of the top-tier restaurants in the country. It has also since established a reputation for innovation through creative roast chicken flavors.

Kenny Rogers Roasters, with its 100 branches across the country, and its beverage partner Coca-Cola also share the business philosophy that innovation is an important driver of business growth. As a total beverage company, Coca-Cola has a range of product offerings to meet the needs of a wider variety of customers, from carbonated soft drinks to water, tea, and juices.

Congratulations, Kenny Rogers Roasters and Coke!

Meanwhile, here’s a video I took during a VIP tour inside a Coca Cola plant:

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