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Tried and tested: How to save big on Amazon during Black Friday

I love shopping on Amazon. I can actually spend hours just scrolling and looking for great finds on there. Checking on sales on Amazon has become a habit and this habit will take double – no, triple – my time in the next few weeks as Black Friday is fast approaching! Of course, we all know what Black Friday means – a wealth of insane deals! What do you plan to splurge on?

I remember my memorable finds on Amazon during Black Friday. I got sweet deals on essential oils, a diffuser (which lasted for years!) and a handy bluetooth keyboard that I use for either my mobile phone or iPad. The prices for those were a dream. I saved a whole lot! 

Truth be told, I noticed that my shopping preferences on Amazon have actually evolved over the years. In the past, my favorite indulgences were makeup (lipsticks, most especially) and beauty essentials. Then, it became electronics, gadgets, photography and vlogging equipment (Amazon was where I first bought the microphones for vlogging!). These days? I like splurging on fun, great finds under the tools and home improvement category. I can’t wait what home improvement deals are in store especially this Black Friday!

Take those little solar lights that brighten up the home pathway or outdoor garden, for instance. These waterproof LED lights are perfect additions to the home. I would love to buy a couple of those! Two other things that I’m eyeing are an outdoor wireless security camera system and cute lights for Christmas. I think a video surveillance recorder can help add peace of mind for myself and my family. Additional security measures are now “musts” for every home. As for the Christmas lights – well, I think I want to spruce up our home some more for the holidays if only to cheer ourselves up despite this very challenging year. 

You might be wondering why I sound so confident in planning to buy these “wishlist” items (and more) come Black Friday. It’s because I have a tried and tested way to look for the best Black Friday deals online and even those Black Friday coupon codes. Anybody who knows me can attest that I am a fan of coupons, discounts and sales so when it comes to Black Friday deals, I use Slickdeals to save big especially on essential tools and home improvement supplies and equipment. Why don’t you try it? Thank me later. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments section what you splurged on!

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