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Wild week with the Ford Ranger Wildtrak

So I just had a realization. After taking the Ford Ranger Raptor for a spin a few weeks ago, I realized that I LOVE driving pick-up trucks! The Ford Raptor, for instance, is huge but oh what a joy it is to drive!

This love for pick-up vehicles was again solidified when I had a fun, wild week with the Ford Ranger Wildtrak (yasss)!

Don’t you just love how versatile it looks? The Ford Ranger Wildtrak is a workhorse for sure (built for tough!) but you can also easily take it to easy breezy picnics, to the beach and to the mountains for memorable hang-outs with family and relatives at a cozy cabin (which I did!). Muscular yet feminine. Does that make sense? 

I brought the Ford Ranger Wildtrak to so many places around Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon (Malaybalay City and Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich) and because it’s fuel-efficient, I barely worried over my gas consumption. This means it’s perfect for work and leisurely travel. 

This one is a 10-speed, 2.0 liter top-of-the-line A/T with single turbo diesel engine. Imagine the power that a bi-turbo would bring! That would be amazing for sure. 

Thanks to its electric power-assisted steering, which was so smooth you can maneuver the entire manibela or steering wheel with just a finger (I’m not kidding!), driving the Ford Wildtrak within the city, main highways and up to the foggy mountains was a dream. Check out my vlog to see just how safe and easy it was to travel through fog aboard the Ford Ranger Wildtrak! Of course, it also helped that my phone was connected to the vehicle’s audio (absolutely easy to do, by the way) and BTS songs blasted all throughout the smooth drive!

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Just as I did, I’m sure you’ll also fall in love with this pick-up truck’s spacious and thoughtfully designed cabin. You won’t feel cramped at all. There’s a retractable armrest with cupholders at the backseat. The surfaces are soft and smooth to the touch. Very pleasing to the eyes.

It’s all comfort and space even at the back seat as well. Proof of this? My mom fell asleep throughout most of the journey. She was just awake when it was her “plantita mode” time. We were able to purchase flowers, plants and seedlings along the way and my Mama, a certified PlAUNTita, had the time of her life roaming around her “happy place.” 

Hauling my “plantita” Mama’s purchases was not a problem because of the Wildtrak’s maximum payload which reminds me — you can actually feel the strength of the bed of this vehicle. Just like I previously mentioned — Built for Tough! Come to think of it, I think the payload and towing capacities of the Ford Ranger Wildtrak are definitely some of this vehicle’s major draws. 

If you’re looking for a vehicle that truly packs a punch but can also be your versatile everyday companion, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak is for you!

May I invite you for a test drive?

Contact Dorie Bahian, General Sales Manager, 0917 772 4989 and don’t forget to tell her that Irene of Mindanaoan.com sent you! You’ll be well taken care of, that’s a guarantee!

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