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Easy city to mountain driving aboard the Ford EcoSport

Don’t you just miss bonding with family and friends, going on a road trip, savoring scenic views and delicious food, and just having a great time with those close to your heart? I’m sure this is something all of us miss and look forward to doing.

Fortunately, I recently had the opportunity to see some of my friends (whom I haven’t seen since the onset of the pandemic!) and bond with my relatives. That meant driving to the city, to hinterlands, to a farm and to a newly-discovered (an accidental discovery brought about by a call from a dear friend whom I also haven’t seen in a darn long time) area that had a killer view!

And so, aboard the Ford EcoSport Titanium, my weekend went off to a great start.

My friends and I went to this new cafe uptown and then proceeded to Indahag. Apparently, a couple of “chill” places have sprouted in this area – the kind where you pay Php 10 as entrance fee, order a pitcher of iced tea for Php 70 and enjoy the view overlooking the city. Ahh, the small joys in life, right? If we wanted to stay longer, we could have rented one of those bamboo huts and sing videoke. Alas, that would need to wait another day. 

Next, we went to Chelly’s and upon my friend Mike’s suggestion, had their crispy fried chicken. It indeed was delicious and could give lots of fried chicken places a run for their money.

Chelly’s also had these nooks where you can have cute photos taken. Mike, Miki, Kaye and I spent a good amount of time just chatting here. It was a lovely afternoon spent with awesome friends. 

The next day, my relatives and I decided to go on an impromptu road trip…because, well, you know how planned trips go. Most of the time they don’t push through! And so, armed with just Waze and still aboard the Ford EcoSport Titanium AT, we went to Kumaykay River Farm. 

Let me say this. The road heading towards the site was a challenge. However, the Ford EcoSport really proved its power! I had no trouble weaving along the muddy and stony roads, thanks to its 17-inch lightweight yet extra strong alloy wheels. This 5-seater, 6-speed automatic transmission unit with leather seats, automatic climate control and fuel saving technology delivered really well. 

Unfortunately, the final stretch of the road proved to be a wee bit dangerous because of the mud so we decided to wait for Kumaykay’s staff to deliver the food we ordered instead.

While we waited, a friend of mine called me out of the blue and it turned out – he was just 10 minutes away! Long story short – he went to where we were and he asked if I could help promote his upcoming startup. I also asked if he knew of a place where we can partake of the food we ordered. He pointed to a place with concrete barriers that turned out to have a killer view. I MEANNN! You’ll see just how amazingly beautiful the view is in the video. Thanks, Oliver!

It was a truly beautiful day. There were (literally) twists and turns but that’s how life is, right?

It helped that we had a dependable ride. The Ford EcoSport Titanium was the “sport” we needed! Don’t worry about the 1.0L EcoBoost engine, by the way. It’s really powerful, trust me. If you need more proof, how about this – this baby’s a 6-time sub-1.0L International Engine of the Year awardee. It absolutely delivers the fuel economy you need but with the power you want! Moreover, don’t worry about how “small” or compact it may look from the outside. It is very spacious inside. The driver’s area features lots of space to move around. The back is spacious and features a retractable armrest with cupholders in the backseat. In the front, you can find a sliding armrest with an integrated storage bin. Actually, the entire car features lots of storage compartments. I love lots of nooks and crannies for my Hydro Flask, smartphones, little gadgets, GoPro Hero 8, microphones and what-nots. 

I also had the chance to drive the Ford EcoSport at night. Aside from the fact that the headlamps turn on automatically when they sense that it’s already dark, this vehicle also senses rain. The wipers would start automatically. Oh, and did you know that this also had rear wipers? 

I must say, however, that my relatives and I loved the Ford EcoSport’s Power Sunroof the most. Instant sunshine! Instant fresh air! 

Other features I like? The Ford EcoSport rearview camera that automatically turns on when you shift into reverse. 

Although I was only able to sync my iPhone hands-free via Apple Car Play, I do know that you can also link your Android gadgets. The 8-inch touchscreen has a redesigned, easy-to-understand interface and intuitive smartphone-like actions such as swipe and pinch-to-zoom. Very useful, if you ask me. 

For people who want to be street smart, the Ford EcoSport may just be the answer! Ask about the various EcoSport models. You have the 1.5L Trend (available in both MT and AT), the 1.5L Titanium AT and the one I test drove, the 1.0L EcoBoost Titanium AT. 

Watch my video below:

Take this for a spin! If you’re in Northern Mindanao, please do contact Dorie Bahian, General Sales Manager, at 0917 772 4989 

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