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Tips On Being A Condo Owner

Not many people know the pros and cons of being a condo owner. Living in a condo means that you do have to be responsible within your association. Many of the most common issues are because many people don’t follow even the basics of rules that are listed.

If you are renting an apartment or condo or if you’re now a certified condo owner, you might have some rights. However, as an owner, there are courtesies, restrictions, and rights for you to be aware of. 

Being A Good Neighbor

Chances are, you’ve grown up around neighbors before but now that you are in a place where you may have the same neighbors for a long time, you want to make sure to be friendly to those on either side of you.

A good idea is to be the kind of neighbor that you initially would like to have. This means you need to be reasonable with the noise level, especially when you have friends or family over. If you can, try to have a good relationship with those around you because they are the ones that will be affected by your noise level ( either across or below you ). Introduce yourself, talk about who you are, who your family members are, and see if there is a connection. You never know if you might need them or vice versa especially if something were to happen.

If you do have problems and you are not sure how to handle them, contact the manager or see if security is an option. It’s good to keep the proper management contacts in your phone or somewhere you can easily access those. 

Any Maintenance Fees

Being a condo owner means that you also have maintenance fees to pay for, say, the common grounds of the complex, which can include tennis courts, gyms, or a swimming pool. Take advantage of all of these! It’s also important to be aware of what’s going on around you. Are you ghetto know the people in your area and property? Are there people who may not be properly caring for facilities? For instance, if you’ve noticed any bugs in your condo, you want to make sure those are gone as quickly as possible! Finding a quality business that can address bug problems can be tricky. However, one, in particular, does the job right every time. Surf Termite and Pest Control not only can help with any issues that might occur but also keep them under control (which is key). They offer free estimates to help figure out the best plan of action and solution for your condo and keep it within budget. This Neptune City Exterminator services Ocean and Monmouth Counties, too.

They also help with all kinds of homeowner worries by providing Home Protection Plans which can be reassuring since one plan can cover most of the issues associated with rodents and pests. Something nobody wants to deal with. As a family-owned business, they know that this is where the family feels safe and ensure your condo is safe and pest free.

Parking Spaces

Condo parking is a little difficult at times. You may have an assigned area to park or you may not. If it is assigned, your parking should have been told to you at the time of your purchase. It’s also a good idea to find out where guests visiting you can park. Occasionally, additional parking can be purchased or rented so if you need more space, be sure to ask the property manager on what the right protocol is.

The same can be said if someone does park in your spot and haven’t moved their car. If you do not have an assigned spot, try to be considerate of others parking near you or your condo unit. Everyone would like to have the premier spot, especially when bringing groceries in but do your best to be kind and park where you can. 


Pet ownership should also be in your house rules. Check through this information carefully if you already have a pet or are thinking of purchasing one soon. If there is a designated pet area outside, clean up after your pet. Having a well-socialized pet is also good to meet other neighbors who are nearby, let them know that you have a dog and check with any local vet or trainers that can be nearby to assist them to become acclimated with their new home. If some condos do not allow pets, do not fret if you are wanting to purchase one. Abide by the rules and look for another area that might offer this if it is something you feel strongly about.

Another helpful tip on being a condo owner would be to try and attend association meetings if you can and ask for the agenda ahead to know what’s going on within the facility.

Do what you can to be a great neighbor, friend, and community member. Owning a condo is such an exciting time in your life so make the best of it, do your best and enjoy this time!

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