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Donated earsavers for brave frontliners – JOIN US!

Ever since this whole pandemic started, I’ve led a couple of donation drives, joined information campaigns and contributed to many fundraising efforts. Anybody who really knows me can attest that I’m not exactly the type who likes to post about those but I want to make an exception this time.

Firstly, because I am hoping that more people will be inspired. Secondly, because our fight against this global health crisis is far from over and the world needs more volunteers. Thirdly, because this project is really simple, doable and very budget-friendly — not to mention fun to do!

Let me tell you about earsavers. Earsavers protect the ears from chafing or developing skin irritation while you wear a face mask. You can also wear earsavers so the ear loops don’t tug your ears and eventually cause discomfort. For our brave frontliners, earsavers are “heaven sent” because these make wearing face masks for several hours (!!!) more bearable. I mean, I myself often complain and can’t stand wearing a mask for very long…how much more for a frontliner who bravely helps treat patients?

So I guess it was really providential that I came across a blog post by my friend Miss Jane. Through her, I found out about this amazing group called Earsavers for Lifesavers PH composed of crocheters, suppliers and other angels who create earsavers and DONATE the same to frontliners! Yes, you read that right. All the earsavers are given FOR FREE. That was definitely music to my ears!

So, I immediately told Miss Jane that I would love to take part. I then bought materials and started to see if I still knew (LOL) how to crochet! It’s been years since I held a crochet hook! Good thing muscle memory kicked in and I was crocheting in no time. This was my first lot after a day or so:

Not bad, right? I made one-button and two-button versions.

I asked my family and friends to “road test” some of my initial creations. Big thanks to my dear friends Malaybalay City Mayor Florencio Flores, Jr., Executive Assistant Bobby Flores, Miss Hazel and to my Mom and brother for trying my initial creations.

I am also very grateful to another dear friend, Bukidnon 2nd District Congressman Atty. John Flores, for wearing the pieces I made especially for him. Here he is wearing a red version:

Just in case you’re still curious how to wear the one-button adjustable and two-button earsavers, here are images from Earsavers for Lifesavers PH:

Finally, after about a week or so, I finally made about 80 pieces. These were ready for donation!

I asked my friend Dana to help connect me with a contact at the Bukidnon Provincial Medical Center in Malaybalay City, the designated COVID-19 center in Bukidnon. And, just like that, the stars aligned and I got in touch with Rovin, who was assigned at the BPMC triage.

After that, things happened pretty quickly. Aside from the 82 pieces of earsavers, I decided to also donate simple snacks for the frontliners. I asked my cousins Cyril Angeli and Belinda to help me out. The next day, we drove to meet with Rovin and hand over the food and earsaver donations ๐Ÿ™‚


Later that day, Rovin sent me a message saying that all frontliners were happy and full and that the earsavers were truly a big help. Music to my ears! It was a great, beautiful day.

Would you perhaps also want to do the same? If you’re a crocheter, this will really be an awesome project to be involved with. If you’re a frontliner, this will definitely help you and your colleagues, too!

Crocheters – kindly check Miss Jane’s blog post for the suggested patterns and all the technical stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ If you want to donate (yarns, buttons etc), I would be honored to receive them and turn those into earsavers. Please do send me a message via my blog contact form or via my Facebook page. Of course, you can also post your offer in the FB group. Thanks in advance!

Please remember that each and every earsaver is and will always be given FOR FREE. Find out more about the Earsavers for Lifesavers PH and how you can be a part of it. Frontliners can send requests for FREE earsavers!

I hope that this has inspired you somehow. We can help our frontliners in many ways. This is just one way for us to show them how we appreciate their hard work, courage and dedication.

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