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At Sorsogon Capitol With Chiz Escudero

I have a confession. This post is awfully delayed but you know how it is. Life happened. And although this Sorsogon trip happened some 4 months ago, I still wanted to share this on the blog because it was a happy time. And the Lord knows I need a cheerer-upper today. Let’s just say I cried buckets of tears this morning.

I was invited to Sorsogon to become one of the judges of the Miss Kasanggayahan 2019 pageant. More on that on another post. It was truly a fun experience! My biggest thanks to Former Senator now Sorsogon Governor Francis “Chiz” Escudero, to the Sorsogon Tourism officials and Miss Malu for taking very good care of me.

For now, let me talk about that day when we visited Sir Chiz at the Capitol of Sorsogon. But first! Do check out this video I made below. May I also invite you to please subscribe to my YouTube channel? It will only take 2 seconds, I promise! I appreciate your support!

Did you see how chill he was walking around the Capitol without a bodyguard? Aliw.

That day, he toured us around the area where a museum will be built. It was actually a former jail and if you watched the video, he said that they’re trying to preserve the original structure as much as possible.

After the mini tour, he drove his vehicle on his own and we had lunch. Then he left us at the capable hands of the Sorsogon tourism officers, who kindly toured us around the province. I’ll create another video for that! 🙂 And then, that evening, we all gathered at Sir Chiz’s home for a dinner feast. He cooked! More on that on another post.

I’m glad I finally had the chance to share this. It was a happy time.

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