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Discover the joy of halal food at Babu Kwan CDO

I don’t remember exactly when I first had it but I do have a fond memory of an encounter with halal food. It was during a political campaign stop in Cotabato City. My political client and the other males were in a separate room and I, being the only female in our political team at the time, was led to a room full of lovely, graceful Muslim ladies and several children all happily playing with each other. I remember they all had smiles for me and the room smelled of absolutely delicious home cooking, spices, goodness and joy. It was a beautiful memory.

Since then, I have always made it a point to eat halal food when given the chance. During my travels to Malaysia and Singapore, halal food was always part of my diet. And I’m glad that in Cagayan de Oro, there’s now a restaurant where you can discover the same joy I had when I first tried halal food.

BABU KWAN is the newest and first of its kind halal restaurant in Northern Mindanao that serves halal Moro, Filipino, and other Asian cuisines.


Their main dishes are beef randang (one of my absolute faves!), chicken piaparan, as well as pizazati, sambal mussels and other specialties. They also have chicken BBQ, tyula itum, daral and garlic prawns.

The name Babu Kwan means your favorite auntie. “Babu” means “auntie” and “Kwan” a colloquial term for “something.” Ergo, Babu Kwan is the auntie for everyone.

In a way, I met a lot of Babu Kwans during that trip to Cotabato. They cooked for the whole clan. They prepared the food that everyone enjoyed, experienced, loved. Their food nourished bodies and soul. Babu Kwan is everyone’s favorite go-to.

Babu Kwan Restaurant is located at the Ground floor of Saavedra Building (Vines Pension House 3/F and Equilibrium Gym 2/F), Yacapin St. Cor Aguinaldo St., Brgy 32, Cagayan de Oro City.

Babu Kwan is in front of Willshire Inn and 110m away from Masjid Oro Jama-ah, Cagayan de Oro City.

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