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Marudori: two thumbs up for this halal-certified, chicken ramen place

One of the things I don’t mind doing on my own is go on a solo food trip. Enjoying food with family and friends is great, of course, but there are times when you just want peace, quiet and just time for yourself, your thoughts, your plans in life and whatnots. Anyway, one of the places I visited on my own was Marudori, which serves chicken-based ramen.

I went to Marudori’s newer branch located at Salcedo Village, Makati. Their other branch is located at Rockwell. A sister company of Mendokoro Ramenba, which serves pork-based ramen, Marudori also has an open kitchen where you can observe how they prepare the gyozas and the ramen bowls.

To start your meal, you might want to try the tsukune. It’s similar to chicken tocino but you dip it into this egg yolk and special sauce mixture and there’ll be a burst of smoky flavors. Surprisingly good!

Now for my ramen, I chose shoyu paitan with extra aji tamago or egg. Quick fun fact: paitan means chicken 🙂 I must say that although I sort of expected the taste of the chicken broth to not be as thick or decadent as the pork one but this was really good. Packed with flavor! Milky, rich broth. Serving size was generous. The charred chicken was very tender and delicious. The noodles were al dente. Cooked absolutely just right. The bamboo shoots, meanwhile, added texture to the meal.

Next time I’ll come back for the gyozas. I’ve seen lots of awesome reviews about them. And of course I’ll also give the other ramen options a try. By the way, I read that Marudori is a halal-certified restaurant so our Muslim brothers and sisters can definitely visit and enjoy their offerings.

Have you visited Marudori? What did you order? Who would you like to tag along when you visit Marudori? Let me know!

Meanwhile, here’s my mini vlog about Marudori: (if you have a TikTok account, you can also watch it HERE)

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