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New nesting area for Philippine Eagle identified

Here’s good news! A new nesting territory for the mighty monkey-eating Philippine Eagle has been identified…and yes, it’s in Mindanao, particularly in the highlands of Bukidnon.

According to the Philippine Eagle Foundation, they have duly verified local reports that indicated the presence of a Philippine Eagle and its offspring in Bukidnon. The said foundation said that they conducted a 2-week expedition and confirmed that there’s an eaglet about 10 months old and its parent in the Bukidnon highlands.

This is a really positive development especially since there are only about 400 Philippine Eagles left.

My friend, Atty. John Flores, who is gunning for the District 2 congressional seat, cautioned that people should be more mindful of the Philippine Eagles’ nesting areas.

The young lawyer, the son of Rep. Florencio “Doc Boy” Flores, who in turn is running for the Malaybalay City mayoralty seat, said in a press statement:

“I would like to enjoin all people of Bukidnon to be more mindful of the Philippine Eagles’ nesting areas. Let us be more responsible stewards of Mother Earth. Let us not hunt these beautiful Kings of the rainforest that have become symbols of agility and power.”

“Let us also continue our mission to reforest Bukidnon and to help in the information dissemination of the importance of conserving nature.”

Atty. John Flores is the official PDP Laban candidate for Bukidnon District 2 Congressman. PDP Laban is President Rodrigo Duterte’s official party.

(Both photos courtesy of the Philippine Eagle Foundation)

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  • Jerry Lynch

    In order to reforest Bukidnon you must first outlaw bananas, palm oil trees and pineapples in areas larger than 1 or 2 contiguous hectares. Those crops create a monoculture that is not sustainable for the environment

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