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How to save as a business owner

If you are a business owner, you have learned that it takes a lot of hard work, time, money, and effort to keep everything running smoothly. In fact, statistically, most businesses fail within the first five years because the owner is just not cut out for the job (nobody prepares you beforehand!) or they run out of money. I want to help you all avoid this and instead, I want to help you succeed at your businesses. Because of that, today, I want to chat with you about how to save as a business owner.

You will always have costs, but you need to make sure you are saving, without cutting corners, whenever possible. Why? Because you are trying to keep as much money as possible within the business. Now, of course, this does not mean to skimp on paying your employees, or lower the quality of your services. Instead, you are just going to be searching for great deals, doing things right the first time, and being smarter about your money. Let’s jump in!

Hire Good Employees

While good employees to typically cost more, they are worth every penny and in the end, your customers will be more satisfied, which means you will be making more. Hiring not-so-great employees just to save a few dollars will only hurt you in the end because it could mean less profits, less customers, and high turnaround when it comes to hiring people, which will in fact cost you more time and money in the long run. Do it the right way the first time around and find people that will help your business grow and stay running effectively.

Do Things Right The First Time

Since we are talking  about doing things right the first time, let’s dive deeper into that. Always put your customers first and do things right the first time, in order to save time and money. Some business owners think that time is everything and that doing things quickly is the ‘right’ way, but let me tell you – if you are rushing through every task, mistakes will happen and your customers will not be happy about it. In order to save them frustration and to save you from having to do things multiple times, which will cost you even more time and money, do things the correct way the first time around.

Rent Your Copier

Copiers, computer support needs, and other office maintenance can be very costly and can frustrate business owners, if you do not know what you are doing. That’s why I always say that it is best to leave it to the professionals to save you time and frustration. Instead of buying a copier outright, you might want to consider leasing one from Ameritechnology. They have the best customer service in NJ for your copier lease, printer ink & toner maintenance, and computer support needs, as well.

They say, “You can buy a copier or printer from a big-box store or your local office supply store. But are you buying more than you need? Less? Will that new technology integrate with your existing network? The choice is not always clear. Ameritechnology wants to help.

Our process begins with a clear understanding of your office operations and network infrastructure. We ask questions, make workflow recommendations and create a customized plan that will both simplify and optimize your current and future printing and NJ computer support, or copier lease needs. We then deliver and maintain networked solutions using the most innovative and economical technologies that improve your business’ operational efficiency and make your life easier with our printer maintenance plan.”

Ameritechnology has nearly 60 years of combined experience servicing hundreds of customers and they are committed to the success of your business long after the machines are plugged in. You will receive courtesy calls to check in, and when you have an issue, they actually answer in a timely fashion, because they know how important timely and responsive customer service is. That’s just two of the many reasons as to why their customer service is so superior.

Ameritechnology is your premier print-operations partner for leasing high-performing copiers and more. They provide a wide variety of services such as copier leasing, customized service contracts, printer fleet maintenance, office computer services, subscriptions for ink, toner, and other consumables, and more. So, if you are looking for a way to improve your office and save time and frustration in the long run, I highly recommend chatting with the New Jersey copier team at Ameritechnology. Their goal and mission is to give their clients the one-on-one service they need in order for their products and services to help their businesses run most efficiently, so they can definitely help you out.


Innovation Management says, “Delivery is one of the most important parts of your business. Customers and clients expect to receive their goods in record-time, regardless of who they do business with.

The easiest way to save money with shipping, is to make use of online booking services. However, usually you save money if you order in bulk, so what about if you need to send individual packages? The good news is, there are companies like TNT, which offer great individual parcel rates. The amount of money this could save you is surprising! Another delivery cost cutting tip, is to save money by ensuring your delivery details are correct.

Even if you use an affordable courier to send individual parcels, you could still end up paying more than you should if the details you provide are incorrect. You need to make sure you provide exact information such as the weight and dimensions of the parcel, otherwise you could end up being over-charged.

You’ll also want to compare different courier companies and ensure you’re choosing one which is affordable and reliable. If customers like your delivery service, they’re a lot more likely to order form you again in the future. There are so many ways you can save money on your delivery service.”

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