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Simple Ways To Get More Exercise In The New Year

Welcome, 2019! How is it already a new year again – time sure is flying by. Last year, one of my goals and resolutions was to get more exercise, get healthier, and maybe lose a few pounds. Like most, I didn’t do a great job on executing those goals. I had every intention to do so and then life got in the way like it typically does. But, this year, I am committed and that’s why I wanted to think of some simple ways to get more exercise. You don’t need to workout 24/7 to lose weight – you just have to find simple ways to get exercise in each and every day. Here are a few ways:

Traveling is an extremely simple way to get exercise without even thinking about it. For example, in Florence, Italy, you can climb up the Duomo, you can walk in Boboli Gardens, and you can just walk around the town. If you follow just these three activities, you will climb more than 400 stairs. There are also many other spots around the town that will allow you to get exercise, without thinking about it.

When you travel, no matter where you go, think about how you can include some type of activity. If you are at the beach, consider paddle boarding, biking around the coastal town, or renting a kayak, if possible. If there is an option to go to the top of anything (even if it is just a lighthouse), always say yes because you will boost your heart rate with the steps you will take. Plus, the view that you will see at the end of your journey will be worth it.

So, book those trips that you have been thinking about because not only will you love seeing the world, but your body will be happy from all of the exercises, as well.

Sign up for a race
This is more of a traditional workout idea, but if you sign up for a 5k or a 10k, you have to train for it, which will help give you the motivation to run more often. If you are just starting out on your running (or jogging) journey, maybe start with a program such as the couch to 5k. You can just run without signing up for a race, but if you are the type of person that needs a push, count on that race date to push you!

Physical therapy
A physical therapist can help you move better and feel better each and every day. Maybe you are having trouble picking up items off the floor, or getting glasses out of your cupboards. Or, maybe you are having trouble playing with your kids, or even standing up and sitting down. No matter what you are struggling with, a physical therapist can help you get back to feeling great, but you need someone that knows what they are doing.

AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine is a one-on-one, patient-centered physical therapy clinic serving Monroe Township and Middlesex County NJ. They have a unique method when it comes to rehabilitation and their methods help patients recover faster with better outcomes.

A patient at AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine receives a full body mechanics analysis, manual therapy techniques for accelerated recovery, injury prevention screening, innovative exercises, and stretching plans, and more.

The great thing about AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine is the fact that all of the doctors at the Monroe Township facility are certified in multiple disciplines within the umbrella of physical therapy. In addition to advanced knowledge of rehabilitation, the therapists incorporate strength and conditioning protocols to re-condition the whole body to prepare our athletes for performance.

Stretch each morning
Just like with physical therapy, stretching will help you in your everyday life. Stretching will help you with your range of motion while also helping prevent injuries, so it is an essential part of any workout plan every single day. The good thing about stretching is that it can also be a workout. Some stretches get your heart pumping blood and you can even find yourself sweating by the end of the stretch cycle.

Take advantage of technology
Everyday Health says, “If you tend to get distracted by your daily tasks, set an alarm to remind yourself to get up and move. (Put it far enough away so that you actually have to get up and walk over to turn it off.) Additionally, block out fitness time slots in your calendar and set digital reminders so you observe them. Consider getting a pedometer or an activity/exercise tracker to help track your progress and keep you motivated.” But, don’t take advantage of technology too much. For example, it is easy to get wrapped up in a good TV show, but that is not going to help you get any exercise. If you do want to watch TV, think about setting up a workout system nearby such as a treadmill, elliptical machine, stationary bike, or weights. That way, you can get in a workout while watching your favorite TV show.

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