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The Ultimate Germany Food Guide Bound To Satisfy True Foodies’ Taste Buds

One of the best parts about traveling is getting to experience foods of a different culture. That said, the more touristy destinations tend to downplay their dishes to meet the palate of the masses. If you’re a true foodie, your taste buds are far more mature than most and thereby deserve foods that are rich in German flavors and accents. Use this Germany food guide to help you find establishments that serve up such fare.

The Table Kevin Fehling, Hamburg

This restaurant has three Michelin stars, each of which it earned in its very first year, a testament to its quality. Named after the 39-year-old Chef Kevin Fehling, this restaurant and its founder may be young but its atmosphere and modern European cuisine are for the mature. Diners can enjoy a night of exclusivity at the single, winding dining table that seats just 20. If this kind of dining experience sounds like something you would enjoy, be sure to book your reservations ahead of time.

Vendôme, Bergisch Gladbach (Nordrhein-Westfalen)

Another three-star restaurant, this Michelin favorite will knock two items off your bucket list—”visit a castle” and “try a taste of Germany.” Chef Joachim Wissler specializes in new German cuisine, a blend of traditional fares and the new favorites. Michelin called him one of the most “creative chefs in Germany,” a praiseworthy of the restaurant’s location within the centuries-old Bensberg Palace, and hence the reason for its place on this ultimate foodies guide to Germany.

Sonnora, Dries

If you happen to take a trip out to the Eifel Mountains, stop in Sonnora, yet another Michelin-three-star establishment. There, you will find Chef Helmut Thieltges, who utilizes classical French techniques to dress up ingredients from all across Europe. If you’re expecting something traditional, you’ll be sorely disappointed, as Thieltges specializes in the extraordinary, such as fillet of bass with crayfish tails and Brenton lobster with summer veggies in yogurt cream. The food is as sophisticated as the setting, which is breathtaking both inside and out.

Die Schwarzwaldstube, Baiersbronn

Chef Harald Wohlfahrt is one of the most esteemed three-star Michelin chefs in all of Germany and his kitchen is right within Die Schwarzwaldstube, an establishment that rests in the middle of Black Forest. While the views are certainly breathtaking, they are nothing compared to the food, which is to die for. Whether you order the carpaccio of wild shrimp, the grilled scallops with artichoke puree and truffle butter, or the ragout of snails with crispy bacon on parsley emulsion and garlic chips, every bite you take will be an experience in and of itself. To top it all off, the restaurant boasts one of the largest and best wine lists in the country, making the whole experience all the more surreal.

It is not uncommon for German restaurants to receive attention from Michelin, as Germans are known for their creative and sophisticated pallets. That said, three-stars are hard to come by, which is why, when you find an establishment with such a coveted recognition, you should make every attempt to eat there. If you’re planning a trip to Germany, book a reservation at one of the above four restaurants. Your taste buds will thank you.

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