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Tips for increasing comfort on extended motorcycle rides

You may love your new motorcycle, but do you know if it is comfortable enough for extended drives? That seat may feel perfect for the first ten minutes, but will it keep you free from aches and pains over several hours? Check out these tips if you need help planning your next cross-country motorcycle drive or simply want to amp up your biking gear.

Dress for the Elements

If you are too hot, cold or wet, you simply will not be comfortable on your long biking trip. Choose garments that let you move and stretch with ease so that you can stay limber during your drive. During hot weather, try ventilated biking gear. During colder months, use heated motorcycle gear, such as heated grips and heated jackets and gloves.

Try Compression Garments

If you think that compression socks and garments are only for older people who are recovering after an illness, think again. Compression garments or all kinds keep the blood flowing back to your heart rather than pooling in your limbs, which can cause swelling. Compression clothing can also keep your muscles from vibrating throughout your drive.

Take Plenty of Breaks

Be sure to stop at least once every two hours to allow time to get off your bike and move around. This will keep your muscles from cramping into uncomfortable positions.

Add in Stretching

Before you begin your trip, at each rest break and when you get to your destination, take two or three minutes to stretch your arms, legs and torso. Try some forward bends, spinal twists and hamstring stretches.

Keep Good Posture

Leaning forward slightly and perching on a tiny seat can take a toll on your back, leading to discomfort. Practice keeping a straight back as you drive, keep your elbows from locking and keep as much weight as possible off your wrists.

It can be a joy for your body and your mind to take a long drive on your motorcycle and to feel the wind and sun on your face. However, the drive will become even more therapeutic if you can stay comfortable and limber throughout the entire time. Despite the fact that you will be sitting on a small seat for an extended period, these five tips can keep your body from cramping up and allow you to enjoy the elements without any discomfort.

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