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FrostBites CDO: Singapore-style ice cream sandwiches

If you’ve been to Singapore, I bet you’ve seen those “uncles” who have those mobile carts with umbrellas and sell that infamous 1 SGD (roughly 33 Philippine pesos) ice cream. These ice cream sellers are actually all over Singapore especially at places with very high foot traffic – tourist spots, MRT stations, busy street corners etc. During my very first trip to Singapore several years ago, I made sure that I included “buy that 1 SGD ice cream wafer along Orchard Road” in my itinerary.

Actually, some of those mobile ice cream carts also sell ice cream by the cones and cups. Some also sell softdrinks, water, juice drinks and energy drinks. But, of course, the main product is still the ice cream sandwich.

Now here’s good news for people who have been craving for the popular Singapore ice-cream sandwich. It’s now in Cagayan de Oro!

FrostBites CDO, located at the Ground Floor of Grand Central, Velez-Hayes Streets, is now open to serve you.



You can customize your very own ice cream sandwich at Frost Bites Cagayan de Oro. Currently, the available ice cream flavors are Cookies and Cream, Chocolate, Vanilla, Ube (Yam), Strawberry, Chocolate Mint, Mango, Mango Cheese and Coffee Crumble.


Once you’ve chosen your preferred ice cream flavor, you then choose your “sandwich” – would it be Rainbow Bread, Chocolate Wafer, Red Velvet (Cake), Tiramisu (Cake) and Chocolate (Cake), Choco Chip Cookies and Chocolate Brownies?


During my visit, I tried the Chocolate Brownie and Mango Cheese ice cream sandwich.

The FrostBites CDO stall attendant then took out a block of ice cream and sliced about an inch thick.


Tadaaa! This looks pretty good, doesn’t it? I paid Php 75.00 for this. Obviously, more than double compared to those we buy in Singapore but still a good deal, methinks!


I had to devour it pretty fast because the ice cream melted fast. Yikes. But it’s all good!

I also bought bottled water (Php 20) to go along with my little sweet treat that afternoon.



The food scene in Cagayan de Oro sure is getting more and more diverse, global and exciting!

By the way, just in case you’ve noticed, the photos published in my recent blog posts (as well as in Instagram and Snapchat) look way better! I have been using my iPhone 6s, subscribed to Globe Telecom myLifestyle Plan 1799.

Have you tried these ice cream sandwiches before? What was the experience like?

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