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Surviving Crazy, Beautiful Boracay

When I was asked if I wanted to experience Labor Day 2015 in Boracay Island (no less), of course my answer was a resounding YES! Although it wasn’t my first time in an island recognized as one of the world’s finest, it was my first LaBoracay trip and the mere idea of partying with a sea of people piqued my curiosity. And so, armed with my travel essentials, I took two plane rides, a bus ride and a boat outrigger ride to reach the famed Boracay.

boracay island

The agenda was very simple: take over summer! Enjoy the island and what it brings! I was given 3 days to basically immerse myself in the excitement of it all – to a hilt!

However, I faced quite a predicament: where and how to begin? Let me tell you, it wasn’t difficult to find things to do. What was difficult was how to do as many things as possible within 72 hours.

laboracay 2015 boracay

Good thing Globe Telecommunications offered quite a doable line up of activities for LaBoracay 2015. Day 1 was hip hop music night at Guilly’s Bar. DJs like Callum David and Mars Miranda took over the decks, played familiar songs and made everyone dance the night away.

globe laboracay 2015

Day 2 was Electronic Dance Music (EDM)’s turn at Epic Superclub. Trance tunes courtesy of international DJ Sander van Doorn turned the beachfront venue into a certified party central. I was very lucky to be given access to the VIP area, where I shared space with Globe CEO Ernest Cu. Day 3 was again a night of pumping beats as Knife Party, an Aussie duo, took the stage. It even rained that night but even that didn’t dampen everyone’s spirits. We were all pretty high with the LaBoracay madness!

globe laboracay 2015

Now before you think that all I did was party, I also swam the cool waters of Boracay, explored the island, had my share of Jonah’s fruit shakes, survived my uber fun parasailing experience (I highly recommend this!) and even bought a few pasalubongs from Islands Souvenirs. The best part about roaming around the island? Purchasing stuff cashless! All I did was bring my Globe GCash Mastercard, a reloadable prepaid card that you can use anywhere around the world. I just loved using it during my trip. Just swipe and pay. Using my smartphone, I even transferred money to the card quick and easy and I also kept track of all my spending. Pretty convenient way to survive Boracay!

Oh, and of course another way to survive Boracay is to meet new friends! During my trip, I met popular men’s street style fashion blogger from Australia, Robbie Becroft. Watch out for my feature about this very nice fella from Down Undah!

robbie becroft and mindanaoan irene

So do you plan to be at the next LaBoracay? I say, go, enjoy and take over summer! My own LaBoracay trip was pretty awesome, as you can see. and I’m sure yours will be, too!

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* This same post got published on Gold Star Daily, May 25, 2015. Gold Star Daily is Mindanao’s largest newspaper. writes a weekly column (comes out every Friday) dubbed “Mindanaoan Meets World.” The column appears in the Urban Life pages.

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