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At the Mura Bora (“Like Boracay”) Initao white sand beach

It’s named “Mura Bora,” shortcut for “Murag Boracay” or “Like Boracay” and it’s my family and I’s new fave white sand beach getaway. I suppose not a lot of people have really discovered the place yet (it’s either that or the owner isn’t in a hurry to develop Mura Bora) because as of this writing, this white sand beach property just has a couple of huts under coconut trees, a few friendly dogs who have seemingly been trained to melt your heart with their eyes so you can share your food and a rudimentary bathroom and shower area.

I know this description doesn’t sound much but for my family and I, we liked Mura Bora and its rawness. Like a virgin beach spot.

Mura Bora is located at Initao, Misamis Oriental, about an hour and a half from either Cagayan de Oro City or Iligan City. It’s actually just a few meters before Isidro’s. We also used to frequent Isidro’s. Let’s just say that things have changed drastically there that we just had to find other options. By the way, Initao is also known for theĀ Initao National Park, which is a 57 hectare natural forest with diverse flora and fauna.

Anyway, do watch my TikTok video taken at Mura Bora (please don’t forget to follow me on TikTok, too! Thanks so much for supporting!) and see why this is now my family and I’s go-to white sand beach:

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