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Eating sea urchins at White Island Camiguin

Living sea urchins don’t look appetizing at all – what with their scary looking spines. But mind you, sea urchins or “tuyom” as they are locally known are actually considered culinary delicacies in many parts of the world. In fact, a kilo of sea urchin roe fetches hundreds of dollars.

So when I spotted some fishermen selling fresh sea urchins for sale at White Island, Camiguin, I just had to get some! They were selling them for Php 50.00 (about US$1.50) for 3 pieces. Ate them raw with coco vinegar. Yum!

Have you tried eating sea urchins? Let me know in the comments section 🙂

Meanwhile, here are some shots taken at White Island, Camiguin. Planning to visit this beautiful island in Mindanao?

Here’s a Camiguin Island Travel Guide and here’s how to get to White Island Camiguin




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  • Hey Irene!

    The place looks so divine! I’ve never been to Mindanao so goal ko talaga makapunta diyan. Plus, I’m a fan of uni! Sobrang mura nun ha. Puwede kaya mag uwi? LOL.

  • Rog

    Nice blog, entertaining, and educational for people away from CDO. Taga CDO sad ko pero dugay na kaayo ako nakalakaw dinha. Panalagsa mopauli ug magsuroy-suroy dinha but not as comfortable. But your blog will give me a head start next year, when I plan to visit CDO…the place I grow/live/study/work. Though I permanently reside outside but I’m still drawn to CDO traits. The people are nice and authentic.

    • Hi Rog! Thank you so much for visiting my humble blog 🙂 Are you based out of the country now? Yes, something will draw you gyud back to CDO. It’s a city but has a small community feel gihapon 🙂 Please feel free to ask me for tips or unsa man to make your homecoming more comfortable! 🙂 Ayo ayo!

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