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Kaamulan Festival 2014 in Bukidnon moved

The Kaamulan Festival 2014 in Bukidnon will now be celebrated the entire month of August. In the past few years, Bukidnon celebrates Kaamulan Festival every end of February to March 10, supposedly the day the province celebrates its founding anniversary. However, the Provincial Government of Bukidnon has recently passed a resolution stating that the founding anniversary should be celebrated every September.

To clarify, however, Kaamulan Festival has been celebrated every August before. So I guess this development is more like a “homecoming” (to the original date!) of sorts 🙂

The culmination of the 2014 Kaamulan Festival will be held on September 1. Highlight during that day will be the streetdancing competition, where all 20 municipalities and 2 cities of Bukidnon will send contingents.



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