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Inside Vjandep pastel factory in Bulua

Pastel is a Spanish term for cake. And perhaps the Mindanao business that successfully introduced pastel to the market is Vjandep Pastel. The pastels produced by Vjandep are soft bread buns filled with various fillings such as yema (custard), ube, chocolate, pineapple, durian, bavarian cream etc. From a humble business that originated in Camiguin Island, Mindanao, Philippines, Vjandep Pastel now has turned into a huge corporation. Vjandep pastels are now among the favorite pasalubong delicacies in Northern Mindanao.

Just recently, I had the chance to visit the Vjandep Pastel factory at Barangay Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City. According to Vjandep Pastel owner Virgilio Jose, the factory can produce thousands of dozens of pastels every single day. The pastels are distributed not only within Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin Island but also to other parts of Mindanao.

Looks like the controversy involving Vjandep Pastel has long been forgotten. Good for them. Hopefully the owners are now extra careful with the way they do business.

Here are some photos I took inside the Vjandep Pastel factory:

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