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Marco Polo Plaza Cebu dinner buffet – Cafe Marco

So after our Cebu island hopping adventure with Islands Banca Cruises, what better way to cap off the day (and to celebrate my brother’s birthday) but to check out Cafe Marco at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu?

Cafe Marco is the popular and award-winning signature restaurant of Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, the only 5 star hotel in Cebu City, Visayas, Philippines.

Dubbed as the “Best Buffet Restaurant” by a lifestyle magazine, there’s really hardly any wonder why Cafe Marco is one of Cebu City’s most favorite buffet restaurants. The well-lighted and tastefully designed restaurant seats 144 guests and has 4 very clean, interactive kitchens that offer Asian, Western, Japanese and Filipino cuisine. Cafe Marco at Marco Polo Cebu also has a salad and cold appetizers bar, a grilling and tempura station and a pastry, crepe and dessert station.

Yes, just to describe what you can see at Cafe Marco buffet restaurant is enough to whet your appetite.

Welcome to Marco Polo Plaza Cebu

The Marco Polo Plaza Cebu lobby. Yes, I know it’s a bad picture but we had a mission to accomplish!

Staircase right beside Cafe Marco (which is on the right)

This is how the restaurant looks like (nicked this from the Marco Polo website)

Various types of cheese

These oven-baked tomatoes in mozarella herb cheese were good

They also had lots of bread, sushi and these

Pretty mix of colors

Nice packaging

In case you spot Pritchon (pritong lechon or fried lechon), don’t leave Cafe Marco without trying that.

The pritchon on the evening we were there

Dimsum and Chinese food lovers will be happy to know that Marco Polo Cebu’s Cafe Marco has delicious peking ducks, good dimsum choices, noodles and soups. Try the peking duck with oyster sauce. Yum! It was as good as those that I tasted in Hong Kong, if not better. I also had my share of rice vermicelli soup topped with chicken, squid balls and garlic that night.

Now check this out – a row of gastronomic delights

The dessert station – otherwise known as where-I-spent-lots-of-time-going-back-and-forth


Our friends at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu also highly recommended the “Malicious Cookies.” When I asked them why they were named as such, they just playfully retorted, “you tell us.”

Well, the servers did provide us with several “Malicious Cookies” that evening and all I can say is…they were too delicious for words.

No, seriously.

You just really have to try them. They’re so good, chunky and very rich in taste. Don’t hesitate to ask the servers for your share.

And just when I thought the already special evening won’t turn into anything more special, it actually did!

Thank you very much to the Cafe Marco staff for the birthday serenade and this yummy treat for my brother

Cafe Marco opening hours:

Lunch: (12:00-14:30) Mondays-Saturdays
(11:30-14:30) Sundays

They accept cash and all major credit cards

By the way, you may also want to order ala carte at Cafe Marco.

For inquiries and  reservations, call them at

Cebu:   (63 32) 253 1111

Manila: (63 2) 887 1263

And to really experience the whole magic of Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, why not book a room as well?

Book here:


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