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State of water resources in the Philippines and looming crisis to be featured in Dokyu5

This is one very interesting documentary that we all should watch. Dokyu5, a program that airs via TV5 Manila, will feature the state of water resources in the Philippines and the looming crisis. I’m interested with this because one of the localities that will be featured is my very own hometown in Mindanao — Davao City! So fellow Dabawenyos, manan-aw gyud ta ani! DOKYU5’s Huling Patak Ulat ni Luchi Cruz-Valdes airs this Sunday (August 28) on TV5 Manila. Please check which channel TV5 airs in your own area. In Davao, it’s Channel 29.

An archipelago, the Philippines is surrounded by bodies of water. Yet, by 2025, experts predict a severe water shortage in the country. The rapid increase in population, urbanization and industrialization has reduced the quantity and affected the quality of Philippine waters.

Today, the signs of the imminent crisis are palpable. Access to clean and adequate water is an acute seasonable problem in urban and coastal areas. Only 36% of the country’s river systems are classified as sources of public water supply; up to 58% of groundwater sampled by government agents is contaminated with coliform and needs treatment; and 31% of diseases monitored over a five-year period are due to water-borne sources.

“Huling Patak,” a one-hour documentary to be aired nationwide on TV5 and Aksyon TV Channel 41, presents the state of water resources in the Philippines and the looming crisis.

Based on the compelling stories of six localities – Tawi Tawi, Davao City, Camarines Sur, Quezon, Antipolo, and Metro Manila — and accounts of people living in the cusps of danger due to lack or absence of potable water – NEWS5 chief Luchi Cruz-Valdes weaves a story of decades of neglect and abuse of a resource more important than oil. Luchi explores the whys and wherefores of an impending disaster as well as the risks faced by Filipinos as we live with life threatening water scarcity.

Together with experts and examples of best practices that ensure sustained and efficient delivery of safe, clean water despite very limited resources, Luchi tells a story of doom and despair, and a promise that every Filipino can do something to avert a looming crisis. This special DOKYU5 presentation aims to tell them how.

“Huling Patak” airs this Sunday (August 28) at 10:30pm on TV5 with simulcast airing over Aksyon TV (Channel 41 in Mega Manila, Channel 29 in Metro Cebu and Davao, Channel 1 on Cignal Digital TV and Channel 59 on Sky Cable).

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