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Reports: Mindanaoan Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri to resign today

Reports surfaced earlier today stating that the senator from Bukidnon, fellow Mindanaoan Juan Miguel “Migs” Zubiri will resign from his senatorial post at 3 PM today, August 3, 2011. I would like to stress, however, that at this point, everything remains unconfirmed. No one can really say for sure yet if indeed Senator Miguel Zubiri will resign.

I first read the reports on Twitter. I then called up some people from the Office of Senator Migs Zubiri and verified. I also even asked Senator Migs himself. As of this posting at 1:18 PM, however, reports remain unconfirmed. The key people from the Zubiri camp shared some details but I refuse to confirm anything at this point. I also do not want to divulge anything specific just yet since I do not want to pre-empt Senator Miguel (although I can say that this blogger from Mindanao has been receiving a lot of tips and infos from reliable sources including Mindanaoan congressmen and mayors)

I can say this, though — Senator Miguel Zubiri will deliver a privilege speech at 3 PM before the Senate plenary today. Perhaps only then can we truly know the real score. Zubiri’s privilege speech will be carried live on TV.

From what I gather, Senator Migs Zubiri also requested his father, former Bukidnon governor and now vice governor Jose Zubiri, Jr., mother and siblings to be at the Senate today. Senator Miguel’s wife, Audrey, will also be present at the Senate. I surmise his children Adriana and JuanMi will also be there. I was also told that Bukidnon congressmen, mayors, vice mayors and selected barangay captains will also be at the Senate today to listen to Senator Miguel’s privilege speech. will also publish the full text of Senator Migs Zubiri’s speech later as soon as he delivers it.

Please stay tuned.

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