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Updated: Kadayawan Festival 2011

The King of Festivals is finally here! Kadayawan Festival 2011 has finally started! Kadayawan Festival is the biggest, most colorful and grandest annual event in Davao City and perhaps in the entire Mindanao. Kadayawan Festival, which never fails to draw hundreds of thousands of visitors to Davao City, is the yearly event where the Davao City tribes all gather and celebrate life, culture, tradition and thank God for the bounties of harvest. Kadayawan Festival Davao City also signals the start of the durian and orchid seasons in Davao! Yes, folks, you can purchase durian and orchids particularly waling-waling at pretty good prices during Kadayawan.

Kadayawan, by the way, is from the word “dayaw,” which means valuable, beautiful, good or just about anything positive. The color theme in this year’s Kadayawan Festival is green — perfect for thanking God for the bountiful flora and fauna!

If you’re heading to Davao City for Kadayawan 2011, you might want to check this year’s official schedule of activities:

kadayawan festival 2011 events

For first-time Kadayawan Festival attendees, I highly suggest visiting the agro-industrial trade fair and exhibit, the Lumadnong Gama, the Sayaw Mindanaw, the Tunog Mindanaw and of course, catching the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan event (street dancing). Not all tourists can take photos from certain areas along San Pedro Street, however. Please take note of this! See the Kadayawan Festival 2011 Access Pass guidelines.

By the way, if you’re one of the tourists who will arrive at the Davao International Airport from August 11 to 21, 2011, you will be welcomed with a PUNCH! With the delicious Davao Punch, that is 😉

Don’t forget to bring your cameras as Davao City will look so colorful and festive during Kadayawan season!


10 tribes, 1 vibe — Kadayawan Festival 2011!

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