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Zest Air launches Manila to Cagayan de Oro, Manila to Zamboanga, Manila to Davao flights

Zest Air Philippines, formerly Asian Spirit, will soon offer Manila to Cagayan de Oro (and vv), Manila to Zamboanga (and vv) as well as Manila to Davao City (and vv) flights! While this sounds promising especially for Mindanao tourism, I’m not sure if the dissatisfied customers of Zest Airways will be excited about this. Remember what happened to fellow bloggers Winston (a.k.a. Batang Yagit) and Conrad Miguel? Their horrible, horrible experiences with Zest Air airlines has left a really bad taste in the mouth and I have tried so hard to avoid booking Zest Air flights like the plague! I would rather pay extra than avail of Zest Air promo flights and undergo a mind numbing 16 hour delay!!!

BUT!!! if only to let you guys know that yes, Zest Air airways will soon land on Mindanao soil and (hopefully) in an effort to remind Zest Air that bloggers and frequent flyers like myself will not hesitate to share our bad experiences with any airline, I’m publishing below the Zest Air Mindanao flight schedules.

And IF (it’s still a big IF) I get to muster enough courage to book a flight with Zest Air, I really hope it’ll be a good experience. Sana lang! Anyhoo, see the flight schedules below:

You can find the Zest Air Manila to Cagayan de Oro, Manila to Davao City and Manila to Zamboanga City flight schedules HERE.

Note that for Zest Air Cagayan de Oro to Manila and Manila to Cagayan de Oro flights, the flights will only start by July 8, 2011. Some of the morning flights will also only be offered until August 27, 2011.

For the Zest Air Zamboanga to Manila and Manila to Zamboanga flights, on the other hand, the flights will only be offered starting July 15, 2011.

Meanwhile, for the Zest Air Davao to Manila and Manila to Davao flights, some of the existing flights will only be offered until June 20, 2011 while some will operate only until August 27, 2011.


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  • ia

    16 hours delay? wow! never heard of that.. I was never been a passenger of zest air so, I cant really tell…but I do hope that they’d create good impressions to mindanaoans this time.

  • PaulXavier

    ZestAir is very consistent..consistent delay. If they wish to survive in an industry where low cost flying is already dominated by Cebu Pac & Air Phil, they need to improve on customer service. I rode ZestAir twice, and no plans of riding through it again. Whats 500 to 800-peso fare savings if it comes with the risk of delayed departure and arrival. hehe

    This is a good sign though for Mindanao cities. One has to give ZestAir a try to make an opinion. I tried it and this is my opinion..for now.

    • Hi PaulXavier! Yeah, I’ve been hearing the same thing din. Weird lang because surely ZestAir is aware of these unfavorable comments? I really have yet to meet someone who has flown with them who can give good feedback hehe. Sad naman.

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