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Starbucks and list of shops at Abreeza Mall Davao City

So the much-awaited Abreeza Mall will finally open tomorrow, May 12, 2011!

Abreeza Mall is the newest shopping mall to open in Davao City, Mindanao. Located along JP Laurel Avenue (or for certified Dabawenyos like myself – Bajada!), in Davao City, Abreeza Davao is the very first Ayala owned mall in Mindanao, Philippines. Technically, Abreeza Mall Davao is owned by the Accendo Commercial Corporation, a joint venture company of Ayala Land and Anflocor.

Abreeza Mall Davao City sits on about 25 acres of land. Apart from a mall, the area will also be home to a hotel, a business process outsourcig hub and residential / condominium properties.

I’m sure that a lot of fellow Mindanaoans are excited about this project.

And yes, Starbucks will finally open a branch in Davao City! It’s not the first Starbucks in Mindanao, though. The first Starbucks branch in Mindanao opened in Cagayan de Oro City last year.

Check out Starbucks Davao’s ad after the jump! The list of shops that will open at Abreeza Mall Davao can also be found after the jump πŸ™‚

Stores that are reportedly set to open in Abreeza Mall Davao City:

Philip Stein
Cache Cache
Paris Hilton – Abreeza branch
Time Zone
Rai Rai Ken
Teriyaki Boy
Marithe + Francois Girbaud
People Are People
Sweet Corner
Liz Cariborne
T.G.I Fridays
Bread Talk
Red Mango
Power Mac center
Marks and Spencer
Armani Exchange
Polo Ralph Lauren
Nine West
L’ Occitane En Provence
Calvin Klein Jeans
Calvin Klein Underwear
The Face Shop
Minute Burger
Chicken Tsunami
The Body Shop
National Bookstore
Zoo York
FH Folded and Hung
Black Sheep
Burger Machine
Yellow Cab
Taco Bell
Robinsons Department Store
Robinsons Supermarket
Ayala Cinemas(4)
Toys β€œR” Us
Robinsons Appliance Center
Dorothy Perkins
Kenny Rogers
Mang Inasal
Red Ribbon
Burger King
Dairy Queen
Fully Booked


additional shops, according to G. Thank you! πŸ™‚ — terranova, bigby’s, mooon cafe, nothing but water, gap, debenhams, springfield, bossini, hanoi, tsuru, red kimono, cafe laguna, billabong, hotflops, all flip flops, aloha board sports, make room, marks & spencer, national bookstore, puma, toby’s, sports town.

UPDATE as of May 14, 2011:

These shops are already open: Paris Hilton, Penguin, Hukad, Max’s, Seafood Island Teriyaki Boy, Fudge Factory, Fully Booked, Taters, benson, Delos Reyes Optical, True Value, STARBUCKS DAVAO, The Face Shop, Adidas, Aerosoles, Alberto, Bambu, Big & Small Group, Vans, Bratpack, Cinderella, Cushe, DC, Epic, Femme, Freeway, Esprit, HotFlopz, Janylin, Shoe Salon, July, Just G., Mossimo, Nautica, Nine West, Planet Sports, Promod, Reef, Robinsons Department Store, Sneaker Club, Sunglass Hut, Sunny Side Up, ResToeRun, Toms, What A Girl Wants, Wrangler, Officine, XOXO, TGI Friday’s, Lemon Grass, Italianni’s, Cafe Laguna, Chika-an, Dairy Queen and Tokyo Tokyo

There were talks that ZARA and LUCERNE will open stores. I already sent email inquiries to them to ask for confirmation.


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  • G.

    hi. di mo nasali ang terranova, bigby’s, mooon cafe, nothing but water, gap, debenhams, springfield, bossini, hanoi, tsuru, red kimono, cafe laguna, billabong, hotflops, all flip flops, aloha board sports, make room, marks & spencer, national bookstore. and a lot more. dami shoe and sports stores at the 3rd level like puma, toby’s, sports town, etc. πŸ™‚ i’m excited too but feeling ko super traffic sa bajada bukas!

  • Phil

    Yes, additional shops but still not all shops. I hope you will remove “list of ALL the shops” and entice your readers to go after the jump. It is misleading.

    • Phil – sorry but this is my blog and I will write the way I want to. You’re free to start your own blog, though! Feel free to list all the shops in your own blog…no one will stop you. Have a good day!

    • Hey Phil, chill okay? I apologize if I come across as “arrogant” like you said. It’s been an awfully long day and believe it or not but my blog is – for the lack of better terms – my own online haven of peace. The last thing that I expected to read was a comment saying that I wrote something misleading. I never meant to do that. I was provided with a list of the shops and I immediately surmised that it was complete. Hence, the word “all.” Still, I will update my title and I will continue to post updates here whenever necessary. Thanks for reading my blog and I extend my hand of peace to you. God bless.

  • Felice


    Pwede po kayo mag post ng video ng loob ng Open na Ayala? Para ma excite po ako. Hahah.
    Sa Saturday pa po kasi ako pupunta.

  • Rosas Artcrafts – located inside Robinson’s Departemnt Store – Abreeza Mall – its a Souvenir Shop were you can buy pasalubong like Dried Mangoes, Native Bags, Asstd. Key chains, Fan,Coin purse,Capiz Shell,clocks and Magnets and ETC.

    • Hi misled, sorry. Like I previously mentioned, I was only provided with the list. I have, however, written to both ZARA and Lucerne to ask for confirmation. I’ll update once they email me back. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Neat Gifts

    As a Filipino wouldn’t you want to know that if an American product or store comes to the Philippines, you are getting the same product or services? Well, as an American that has had his fair share of Starbucks over the years (since the very beginning of Starbucks), Starbucks at Abreeza is not the same. I don’t want to believe Starbucks would ship a different product to the Philippines so I am going to assume the problem is in the preparation.

    I waited in a very long line just like many of you when Abreeza first opened. I was very disappointed when I got a very weak cup of coffee. Starbucks is known for it’s strong brew of coffees. I usually have to add water because of the strong taste. I would have been okay anyway because I have really slowed down on the coffee consumption these days. I would be okay but I really got excited when I saw bagels and apple fritters. It looked like a bagel but when I took a bite it was only wheat bread. The apple fritter taste like it had been there since the day before.

    After adding a drink for my wife the bill came to over P300. That wasn’t so shocking cause everyone knows Starbucks is way over priced but to pay that much and I would have had a better chance at a gas station that no one visits.

    I would really like to email whoever has some contact with this store to inform them of my concerns. Filipinos should at least have the same Starbuck experience as American’s in the US.


    • Hello there! Thank you very much for your comment and for visiting my humble blog πŸ™‚ Rest assured that I will direct the people from Starbucks Philippines to this post. Hopefully they can read your comment and perhaps leave feedback. As for the coffee, I guess (and this is just a hunch) Starbucks wants to cater to the Filipino taste. Have you tried the VIA coffee of Starbucks, by the way?

      • Hello Taga,

        Thank you for your kind words. I hope you are able to reach Starbucks with these concerns. I tried to find some kind of contact for the Abreeza Mall as well with no success. One of my frustrations here in Davao City is the noise level in stores and, well just about where ever you go. What makes it worse is the bass always seems to be turned all the way up along with the volume. We have found in the US many years ago that sound at a certain level will begin to kill brain cells and your hearing. I was hopeful that Abreeza was going to be different because of Robinson’s involvement. When you go to Robinson’s your shopping experience will be just as it is in the US if not better because of the friendly staff.

        Back to Starbucks and your questions. At first my thoughts were just as yours. I thought that maybe Starbucks may have soften their coffee for Filipinos but then American companies don’t do that. We are not China. We are about quality. If you can afford it, you will get the best with our products. I believe it would be costly for Starbucks to develop a whole different product just for Filipinos. When you travel around the world you will find Starbucks and they know people like me have had their product and like it just as it is (very strong). I think the problem comes from quality control. Starbucks needs to make sure that their product is presented to Filipinos just as it is everywhere else and Filipinos should demand it. Demanding is another difference between our people. Demanding what is right and fair is seen as your right in America. That is what makes our products better than most.

        As far as VIA is concerned. I had to look up that name before I remembered what it is. If you like VIA and prepared it as directed, I’m sure you are tasting true Starbucks coffee or at least close to it. It is important to remember that Starbucks success is not just it’s coffee. It is the whole package. A good bagel is just as important as good coffee. I have seen many items here in the Philippines that look like whatever American product they are trying to copy. The problem is it usually just looks like their American counterpart. When you get to the inside there is no comparison.

        Thank you Taga for welcoming me to your “humble blog”. You really should promote it more. Western countries often over look countries like the Philippines. The problem that arises from that is places and people like here in the Philippines tend to have the wrong impression of people outside this great country. It is very important that someone like you provide solid information of how things really are. I came here two years ago to retire, live and start a progressive Christian school that teaches real American English and the very things I have suggested you do above. My websites are in development and are not complete but I’m working on it. The school comes first. Please check out our site and please become a member.
        Thanks and keep up the good work and go forth boldly.

        • Hello, please call me Irene πŸ™‚ I only use “Taga Mindanao” because it means “from Mindanao” – which of course describes me. I raised the issue about VIA because that’s what I often buy from Starbucks. I also buy the “lifestyle” drinks (i.e. fraps) but not as often as I buy VIA. Good to know that VIA tastes as close to the Starbucks drinks in America.

          I have done a bit of traveling overseas myself. I must agree with you – most, if not all, of the stores/malls/coffee shops and the like are not half as noisy as those found in the Philippines. But then again perhaps that’s where the “beauty” and “fun” about the Philippines lie. Pinoys are noisy, happy people. And going to the malls is no longer a luxury for us — it’s actually a natural, everyday occurrence πŸ˜€ Pinoys love to go malling — and I guess you noticed that by now with the mushrooming of malls everywhere. But yes, I agree. I guess Pinoys should know how to tone it down sometimes πŸ˜‰

          Thank you for sending me the link of your site! I’ll come and visit one of these days. And thank you for your kind words about my humble blog. I’m particularly proud of this one (I have a LOT of other blogs hehe) because this bagged a prize in last year’s Philippine Blog Awards πŸ™‚

          Thank you and hope to see you here again! Enjoy your stay in Davao πŸ™‚

          • Hello Irene,

            My wife told me what Taga Mindanao meant after my last submission. I sometimes go by neat gifts because of the old saying that big things comes in small packages. I prefer to say neat gifts come in small packages. I’m kind of short and I think I am kind of neat :0)

            It’s good to chat with a Filipino that has traveled abroad some. If you are ever able to travel around America you will see that all groups of people can be very loud and all groups of people are or can be very colorful. Nothing wrong with that. It is what makes humans so interesting. One thing American’s (all races in America are Americans) is we greatly value our “personal space”. There is a place and time for everything. As I am typing to you right now, I am at home in a house that was partly built by the Japanese during the war. The walls are very thick. Still, my head is aching from the heavy bass of someones karaoke near here. I live here. I am not visiting. My personal space is being unwantedly invaded.

            We all have our own cultures but don’t you think it is time for Filipinos to become more a part of the worlds community? I wouldn’t want my son to think that it is acceptable to urinate on a wall in public just because of culture. I say this with no disrespect intended.

            In our international school, we will teach young and older Filipinos to be prepared to live abroad. In the US, urinating in public can label you as a sex offender.

            On a lighter subject. I have never had the VIA. In fact, I kind of gave up on drinking coffee. Just can’t find coffee good enough for my taste. I have been known to sprinkle coffee grounds on ice cream though. Even though I have never had their iced coffees, Starbucks theme is a burned coffee bean flavor. VIA probably follows this theme.

            I hope I have not offended any Filipinos here. After all, two of my five children and my wife are Filipinos. Not to mention I love all peoples of the world. We are all God’s children.. Hello sister!

              • Sorry I just got your question. Thank you for asking about us. You will find answers to your questions about our school on our site. Please visit us there and leave comments if you like. We would love to hear from you and all of our friends here at our site.

                We are registered with the SEC, DSWD and BIR as a non profit, non stock corporation. We are now in the process of seeking donations from any NGO or grant funding organization because we are so small and building this school on my own (very small) income. We are not currently asking for individual donations.

                I don’t want to say too much here in this kind of forum. Please check out our site and contact us anytime with any questions or comments you may have.
                Thank you for your interest.

  • nella

    Hi . . . Is the any shop in Abreeza Ayala Mall that sells Tkess slippers or where in Davao shops can I find one. . . Big thanks Ms. Irene. . . God Bless. . .

  • I’ve heard na di na nga tuloy ang ZARA kasi nga raw maliit yung space na inoffer sa kanila ng Abreeza Davao. Im not sure kung totoong yun nga ang reason. I must say na somehow it might be correct. I have been a loyal customer of ZARA even if im abroad. Lahat ng stores nila talagang spacious to accommodate their huge collections at separate pa yung ZARA Man talagang katabi lang. I have lots of friends rin naman na disappointed nga. Super sayang talaga. Sana may Bershka & Pull&Bear at H&M para todo na ang saya πŸ˜‰ . Love your blog. Very informative. Kindly update us with the hottest in Davao City.

    • Hi Roger! Thanks so much for your comment πŸ™‚ I visited your blog — super fun to read! Re: ZARA – I love buying there. I have a purple cardigan na mega ginagamit ko talaga all the time hehe!

  • L. Samuels

    Hello There,

    We want to open a shop in the Abreeza mall. Can you point me in the right decision who i need to speak with in terms of space vacancy and rental costs.



  • cherry bedico

    you forgot to mention JEWELMER..i’ts a luxury brand of South Sea pearls Jewelry..and the only luxury brand from the Philippines..they’re at space 2048 2/f between espada and nautica..thanks.:)

  • crisgamit

    If there is brownies unlimited please ask me if there is i checked out that there is no brownies unlimited. Pls. find out.

  • candice

    Hi how about victorias secret whole cosmetics store from lotions perfumes and most of my interest..make ups!??…and MAC-MACY’S, ..too??

  • mc


    Like L. Samuels, we’re interested in renting a stall/spapce in Abreeza too. May I also get information on who I can get in touch with regarding availability and rental? I’ve included my email address in the sign-up form. Thank you.


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