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Why I am NOT voting for this blog for the Bloggers’ Choice Award

Did that surprise you? It’s true. While this Mindanaoan blog may be one of the nominees for the Bloggers’ Choice Award in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards, I’m not voting for it. Instead, my vote will go to Bukidnon Online – the largest, most active/updated and most interactive blog about the Province of Bukidnon, Mindanao.

I have a lot of reasons why I’m voting for but some of these reasons include:

Bukidnon Online is a labor of love. It started out as a “hobby blog” – a mere outlet for a non-Bukidnon resident to share her new discoveries about the province she has started to fall in love with. However, after only a few weeks of going online, this Bukidnon site became a source of news and updates for a lot of people not only from within the province but basically for people around the world. Bukidnon Online provided an “online outlet” for people around the world, especially former Bukidnon residents who miss their hometown, to share their ideas, suggestions and sentiments.

– Bukidnon Online is the prime mover of the first ever Bukidnon Blogging 101 workshop and of the pioneer Bukidnon Bloggers group. Needless to say, the blog aims to provide inspiration for would-be and newbie Bukidnon new media practitioners. It advocates community building through social and new media. It also aims to encourage people to be more vigilant citizens through blogging.

I hope you can help vote for Bukidnon Online clinch the Bloggers’ Choice Award. If you need more reasons why you should vote for this website about Bukidnon, check out the post after the jump!



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