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Review: Red Box Karaoke Ayala Cebu

I finally had the chance to visit the much-talked about Red Box Karaoke located at G101, Garden Level of The Terraces (below Active Zone, just beside the fountain) at the Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park. I’ve been hearing a lot of praises about this new Cebu hangoutkaraoke place in Cebu so when my Cebu City-based brother finally had one free weekend, we decided to go to Red Box Karaoke Cebu and try their primetime package.

The Red Box Ayala Cebu primetime package is available from 7 PM up to 12 midnight. For only P299.00+ per head (P399.00+ on Fridays and Saturdays), you can enjoy TWO FREE drinks (drink choices: iced tea, soda, local beers, mineral water, hot tea and brewed coffee), access to the extensive song library composed of more than 100,000 songs and fully airconditioned karaoke rooms (that are all hotspots with FREE wi-fi, I must add!) By the way, if you do decide to bring a laptop with you, you can plug it in without extra charge 🙂

So anyways, as soon as we entered, a friendly Red Box Ayala employee greeted us and arranged for a karaoke room. My brother and I were led to a room that looked just like the photo above. Pretty nice interiors, no? As you can see, the room is good for at least 5 people but we had it all by ourselves! How’s that for a really spacious Cebu karaoke place?

As soon as we got settled, we decided to avail of their dinner buffet. We only had to pay P199.00 more per head. Believe me, it was a good decision and you’ll find out why after the jump!

But before that – let me tell you more about what you can see and what you can do in Red Box Karaoke Ayala Cebu. They have 21 rooms all in all – some rooms can comfortably house a party of five, some can accommodate 10 but they also have signature rooms that can comfortably house a big bunch! They also have rooms complete with a billiard table and a poker table.

Did you know that you can also watch concerts and music videos while inside your room? You need not sing all the time 🙂 In between songs, my brother and I watched the latest music videos featuring Rihanna, Willow Smith, Black Eyed Peas etc. We also watched a Coldplay concert. I also reminisced a bit and watched old Savage Garden videos. I remembered how gaga I was over Darren Hayes…only to find out that he’s gay 😀

Remember that I told you their buffet was worth the money? Well, just check out the food they delivered to our room:

Needless to say, I was shocked at the amount of food the attendants delivered straight to our room.

Here we were, all TWO of us, faced with so much food!

Now if you’re wondering if the food tasted good naman, I can say: YES, YES, YES!

My brother and I ended up staying a few minutes just before 12 midnight! So for nearly 5 hours of great fun, music, laughter, good food and wi-fi, yeah, the nearly P500.00 expense per person was absolutely worth it! 🙂

Here’s the rest of the tariff rates at Red Box Karaoke Ayala Cebu, BTW:

Primetime package – PhP 299+/head inclusive of TWO free drinks (PhP 399+ Fridays & Saturdays).

Lunch Hour package 12 noon- 3PM
PhP 299+/head
inclusive of an eat-all-you-can lunch delivered straight to each room

Happy Hour Package 3-7 PM
PhP 199+/head inclusive of one free drink

After Hours package is for 12 midnight- 4AM
PhP 199+ inclusive of one drink

Red Box Ayala Cebu is open Tuesdays to Saturdays 12 NOON to 4 AM and Sunday & Monday 12 NOON to 12 Midnight.

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