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Bacolod: Calea for the best desserts!

I was told that one’s Bacolod City escapade will never be complete without visiting Calea, a famous homegrown cake shop…and it was easy to understand why. Calea Bacolod produces the best cakes, pastries and desserts this side of the world. Calea is Bacolod’s answer to Manila’s cake shops and bakeries but with better choices and lesser prices.

This Mindanao blogger‘s recent trip to the Visayas was made sweeter when my friends and I stopped by Calea (the branch along Lacson Street, just a few blocks away from Sorrento Piazza, where my friends and I had a sumptuous dinner at Pepe’s Grill!). This Calea branch is supposedly the first ever. These days, this cake shop has two other branches – one at Robinson’s Place and another one at East Block. And just in case you’re wondering about the history behind the name – I was told that Calea is a combination of the names of the owners, who happen to be siblings 🙂

Check out the absolutely, sinfully delicious cakes and pastries we partook in Calea Bacolod:

Strawberry shortcake: (I recommend this to those who want something not too sweet. You will love the mix of flavors with this one. The cake parts are fluffy and delicious, by the way)

calea bacolod

Ice cream cake! (No holding back on the ingredients here, as you can see! This treat is complete with almond chips, a very generous serving of ice cream, very rich chocolate cake topped with choco crumbs. Yum!)

calea bacolod ice cream cake

Cream puff: (the chocolate is a bit tart, which provides a good contrast against the cream. Tastes a little lemon-y)

calea bacolod cream puff

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