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Freebies alert – Giving away keychains!

Hello everyone, I’m giving away several keychains 🙂 Simple yet useful keychains for all of the valued readers of my humble blog about Mindanao and life in Mindanao!

It’s super easy to receive a FREE keychain. All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE TO MINDANAOAN (CLICK, CLICK!) 🙂 Yes, yes, it’s THAT easy for you to get this freebie 🙂

After you click the link leading you to the SUBSCRIPTION PAGE, please just leave a valid email address and don’t forget to verify your email address by clicking on the URL that will be sent to you via email.

Subscribe NOW because I will start shipping these keychains out by June 15, 2010!

NOTE: Existing subscribers of need not fret because all of you will also be included in this mini keychain-giveaway thingie 😉

On June 15, all those who are set to receive these FREE keychains will be contacted. Keychains will be mailed so I would need your full name and complete home or office address.

Also, if you could, please feel free to join the Official Facebook Page 🙂 I would appreciate it a whole lot!

If you also have Twitter, please add me up. You can also add me up on Plurk.

Thanks everyone and looking forward to sending these keychains out! 😀

Good luck 😉

And oh…an important reminder after the jump!

As much as I want to send keychains to my readers abroad, this mini giveaway is limited to subscribers in the Philippines. Hopefully, I’ll have a raffle that’ll include my readers outside RP 🙂

p.s. more raffles and freebies in the next few weeks so SUBSCRIBE TO MINDANAOAN (CLICK, CLICK!) 🙂 today!

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