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Bukidnon governor embroiled in a scandal with ex PBB teen

First off, a lot of people in Bukidnon, Mindanao claim that this isn’t exactly fresh news. However, I guess this issue involving Bukidnon Gov. Jose Ma. Zubiri, Jr. and ex-Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen housemate Claire Cabeguin (who’s from Bukidnon herself) will continue to be controversial and will forever be circulated unless, most probably, if one of them either speaks up against or confirms the issue.

Before I continue, a brief backgrounder first. Zubiri is on his third term as the governor of Bukidnon and is currently gunning for the vice gubernatorial seat. He used to be an active member of LAKAS CMD KAMPI until he recently surprised not a few when he endorsed Nacionalista Party standard bearer Sen. Manny Villar. Zubiri is the father of Mindanaoan Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri.


Cabeguin, on the other hand, is a former Pinoy Big Brother Teen housemate. During her PBB stint, she was tagged as the “Barrio Lass from Bukidnon.” Cabiguin eventually landed among the “Big Four” after strong and very heavy support poured in from her hometown. At that time, rumors flew that Zubiri bought a lot of cellular phone cards and distributed the same among constituents so that they can vote for Claire. After her PBB stint, Claire Cabeguin went back to Bukidnon and was later on hired as an employee of the Provincial Government of Bukidnon. She first stayed in the Tourism Office but as rumors of an alleged “special relationship” between her and Zubiri sparked, she was moved to the Provincial Administrator’s Office, a mere few steps away from Zubiri’s office.claire cabeguin

This so-called “special relationship” between Cabeguin, who eventually got married to her fireman-boyfriend, and Zubiri sent many tongues a-wagging. Critics claim that Cabeguin’s marriage is just “a cover-up” and that Zubiri allegedly admitted that he has fallen for the young lass.

There were also talks alleging Cabeguin’s “sudden and unexplained wealth” (e.g. sources say that she now has a handsome-looking house, a motorela, a multicab and even a brand new Navarra pick-up), Cabeguin’s relatives now being permanent employees in the government (sources claim that a lot of longtime employees have allegedly been “bypassed” in favor of Claire’s father and other relatives) and her alleged bloated ego (e.g. if she didn’t like someone or something within the Capitol and wanted that certain someone or something ousted or removed, she usually got her way. Sources say that people do not even wish to pick a fight against her for the fear of losing their jobs or livelihood)

Now, this issue involving Zubiri and Cabiguin has further escalated especially with the presence of a document cum open letter that’s reportedly fast circulating around the province of Bukidnon.

The document, sources say, first hit Capitol – almost each and every employee reportedly received a copy. Eventually, the document cum open letter made its way to the Malaybalay City government offices and later on even to private homes around the province.

And as expected, the open letter is a very controversial one. The document, which is reportedly from a group that describes itself as “nagkahiusang kabus ug timawa sa probinsiya sa Bukidnon,” poses two questions. The first one has something to do with the alleged “personal/sexual relation” between the two. The second question has something to do with the Provincial Indigency Health Program.

Here are the contents of the document cum open letter that’s fast circulating all over Bukidnon, Mindanao:


Pangutana: Ang minyo nga si Claire Cabiguin nga influential kaayo nga empleyado sa probinsya, gidungog nga may personal/sexual relation kang Gov Joe Zubiri? Kaluoy sa inahan ni Sen Miguel na may balatian, intawon usab sa bana ni Claire? Nganong gi-employ pa man? Consciensya sab gamay uy. Dayon, murag katingalahan ang kalit nga pag-asenso ni Claire, labaw pa sa mga heads of office nga dugay na kaayo sa goberno? Yuta? Motorela? multicab? Guapong Balay? Latest model sa kotse ug NAVARA? Claire lang ba? [Here’s a rough translation — Let’s ask! Question: Is it true that the married Claire Cabiguin, who’s an influential employee of the province, has a personal/sexual relationship with Gov Joe Zubiri? Woe to the mother of Sen. Miguel who’s sick as well as to the husband of Claire. Why was Claire even employed? A little dose of conscience please. Also, it’s curious to see Claire’s sudden wealth, something that even the heads of office haven’t achieved yet despite working for so long in the government. Land? Motorela? Multicab? Handsome-looking house? Latest model of car and NAVARA? Is it only Claire?]

Pangutana: Ang mga Indigents/kabus ubos sa Provincial Indigency Philhealth Program, ngano nga galisud ug gaantus sa ilang pagpahospital na ang saad ni Gov, libre tanan? Di ba diay puede na aduna may P133,000,000 plus (Check with Philhealth Region of Valencia Office) nga nadawat sa probinsya gikan sa Philhealth sa miaging tuig? ngano walay libre na tambal na duna man salapi(Capitation) alang niani na almost P42,000,000 nadawat? Ngano nga Philhealth Card exclusive sa Provincial Hospital nga supak man ni sa balaod sa Philhealth na unta adunay may kagawasan ang pasiente sa pag-pili. Wala sab pirma sa Philhealth OIC sama sa uban Card? Ngano ang Philhealth Card ipanghatag, ayuda sa panahon sa Election Ban? Ngano nga mas natabangan ang chicks sa “kabus”. Di ba gil-ad na ug daug-daug ni?



Of course, one cannot discount the possibility that all of these are mere allegations and that these are just part and parcel of some grand “black propaganda” against Zubiri. After all, Zubiri didn’t win three consecutive terms as Bukidnon governor for nothing. Inarguably, Zubiri still has a strong hold on Bukidnon voters, despite his recent shift of allegiance from LAKAS CMD KAMPI to NP’s Villar.

Even doubts are cast on the document cum open letter. Who are behind this document? Why is this document unsigned? Any hidden agenda behind this controversial open letter?

What do you think of all of these?

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