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Review: Paragon Suites in Cebu City, Visayas | Budget hotel in Cebu

HOTEL REVIEWS – Paragon Suites Cebu City is located along Juana Osmena Street, Cebu. Roughly a 10-minute walk away from bustling Mango Avenue (where there’s a lot of videoke places, bars, restaurants, coffee shops and Internet cafe stations), Paragon Suites is ideal for people who want cheap accommodations in Cebu City. One can classify Paragon Suites Cebu as a budget hotel, a budget pension house or a cheap inn with the basic amenities.

I stayed at Paragon Suites Cebu City just a few days ago. I stayed for a total of 3 days and truth be told, I didn’t quite enjoy my stay and therefore will never find myself staying at Paragon Suites Cebu ever again.

But more on that after the jump. Here’s a look at my superior room (rate was P1,380.00 per night):

paragon suites cebu city

My room was fully carpeted and fully airconditioned. It had a small refrigerator, a work desk and a chair, two single beds, a television set (not an LCD one, unfortunately) and a bathroom with hot and cold shower. I was provided with two bath towels, two soaps and two sachets of shampoo. There were also two pairs of slippers near the television set but I didn’t bother using them, lest that I catch a foot disease or something. There wasn’t any indication that the slippers were sanitized.

Here’s a look at another part of the room:

paragon suites cebu city budget hotel

cheap hotel cebu city paragon suites

Paragon Suites had a small lobby, a small dining area where you can have coffee, breakfast and other meals and a mini bar of sorts. Every day during my stay, a local newspaper was provided and I was also entitled to free breakfast.

What kind of discouraged me from staying at Paragon Suites Cebu City again was the fact that the free wi-fi that they promised guests was not available at all during the three days I was there. They merely reasoned out that their Internet provider was undergoing “upgrades” and that they weren’t really sure when the Internet connection in the rooms would be back up. I found that weird and a bit misleading especially since I found a Paragon Suites ad on the local newspaper and they indicated “free wireless Internet” on the ad. Truth be told, that free wireless Internet in the guest rooms was the main reason why I opted to stay there. As someone always on the go, an Internet connection in my hotel room is always crucial and so I was definitely disappointed when I didn’t have access for three days. The management also didn’t bother to provide me with alternatives nor did they offer to deduct my hotel fees.

I also found the receptionists rather unprofessional. They just weren’t pleasant enough and didn’t offer help. For instance, when I asked them if the cafeteria was still open so I can ask for some drinking water, the receptionist just shot back, “didn’t you see the water dispenser along the hallway?” How odd. Did she really expect that I’d inspect every inch of the hotel before I’d ask for her help?

Also, I was made to pay P75.00 just because I stayed for an extra half an hour after their so-called “official late check out time.” The receptionist said that I was supposed to check out at 1pm but because I checked out at 1:30pm, I needed to pay the P75.00 When I asked if there was another guest who needed to use the room, the receptionist said that no one was about to use it that day and that the added fee was merely “SOP.” I kind of reasoned out that the management could have at least waived the charge since they were amiss with the free Internet thing anyway. However, the receptionist just stared at me blankly and refused to give my official receipt unless I pay the P75.00

Gee, for someone who stayed for 3 days and didn’t quite get what she expected out of the room, I found that rather rude and really poor PR.

So do I recommend staying at Paragon Suites Cebu City? It’s a big NO.

You can find a lot of other cheap hotels in Cebu City that have better staff members, better rules, better amenities. Don’t ruin your supposedly great Cebu experience by staying at Paragon Suites.

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