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Review: Lubi Resort Santander Cebu Diving Hotel

During Mindanaoan‘s weeklong Cebu trip, I was fortunate to have had the chance to stay overnight at a Cebu resort that’s widely said to be Cebu Provincial Governor Gwen Garcia‘s favorite. Lubi Resort is located at Santander, Cebu Province, a 5th class municipality included in the second district of Cebu.

And it’s not difficult to understand why Gov. Gwen loves Lubi Resort. It’s a homey, quaint refuge at the southernmost part of Cebu.

To reach the resort is a bit difficult to do so unless you have a private vehicle. Actually, I think the resort’s “exclusivity” is one of its main strengths. For people who just want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just want to enjoy their “me” time, then Lubi Resort in Santander, Cebu is the answer.

Lubi Resort, as its name suggests, is a beachfront property located amid lots of palm and coconut trees. White sand. Ideally located near great dive spots such as Apo Island, Balicasag, Pescador Island, Sumilon and Siquijor.

The resort, I noticed, only had 6 rooms. But boy…were the rooms huge and absolutely beautiful! Check out the photos I took below. As for the rates…an overnight stay would cost you roughly US $100.00 or nearly P5,000.00 per night.

I learned that the resort is owned by a Japanese. That bit of information was further proven when my supposedly Filipino breakfast composed of scrambled eggs, corned beef, rice and coffee had a good serving of salad on the side. Someone told me that Japanese people liked having salads for breakfast.

Here are some of the photos I took inside my beautiful, spacious room:

Check out the canopied beds:

lubi resort bedroom

And the absolutely huge bathroom! (this picture only represents half of the space, really)

lubi resort bathroom

Every room has free dental kits (toothbrushes plus tubes of toothpaste), six pieces of soap (3 per kind…my room had green papaya and goat’s milk soaps) and boxes of cotton buds.

lubi resort

Towels — from bath towels to face towels — are neatly stacked near the sink. There’s also an area where you can dry your clothes off.

And did I mention that every room has a veranda, a safety box, a couple of cabinets, a work table and a refrigerator? I tell you, the room is one luxurious haven!

This resort in Cebu also has a restaurant. Staff members are friendly and the entire place is clean. Yep, it’s one place you would want to visit over and over again 🙂

So would I recommend Lubi Resort in Santander, Cebu? I’m pretty sure y’all know what the answer is 🙂


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