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Happy Christmas news in Mindanao – kidnapped Basilan school official released

They may have paid P100,000.00 for the “board and lodging” but what’s the most important is that they have their beloved relative back.

Dr. Orlando Fajardo, the vice president of Basilan State College in Basilan, Mindanao, was released a few hours before Christmas at an area between the towns of Tuburan and Tipo-Tipo.

Fajardo was captured two weeks ago at the BSC canteen.

The Fajardo family reportedly paid P100,000.00 for the “board and lodging” of their relative.

The money was also reportedly paid in installment.

Basilan Vice Governor Al Rasheed Sakalahul said Fajardo was released at around 9:30 p.m. Christmas eve Thursday.

Initially, the kidnappers wanted P20 million in ransom.

Then, the amount was lowered to P3.5 million.

Eventually, no ransom was paid. Only the so-called “board and lodging” fee was paid.

The kidnappers initially demanded P20 million in ransom but lowered it to P3.5 million.

So what are your thoughts about this?

Do you guys think it was a good move for the Fajardo family to shell out money for the Basilan State College VP’s release?

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