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Finally…Mindanaoan meets top RnB singer and fellow Dabawenyo Thor!

So finally, Mindanaoan has met Ettore “Thor” Dulay!

Thor, a fellow Dabawenyo (and so of course is also a fellow Mindanaoan), is one of the country’s most talented vocalists. From starting out in a Davao City vocal group to recording an album with a hit single entitled “Wonderland” (this song held the number spot at Wave 89.1’s show “Soul Review” for 5 straight weeks) to recording a song for the 2003 Metro Manila Film Festival entry “Fantastic Man” to basically being one of the most sought after singers in Metro Manila today, Thor has definitely gone a long way.

So okay, here’s the lowdown — even before our unplanned, fateful meeting last December 22, 2009 (right in the middle of the OTG gig of RnB band K24/7), Thor and I have been in touch through online and SMS. I have heard of him way, way back through members of South Border (I’ll write about them here in, too) and of course, when I learned that he, too, was from Davao City, I made a mental note to meet him someday and tell him how he’s made all of us Mindanaoans proud.

Fast forward a few years later, and as fate would place a nice twist to things, my very good and pretty friend Mai became his “special someone.” Mai and I met through South Border, too, as both of us are passionate fans of the band. So there — Thor and I finally had a mutual friend! 🙂

Even if Thor and Mai were based in Manila and I, at the time, was already back in Mindanao, we didn’t lose touch. When I needed Thor’s help during one of my World AIDS Day events, Mai helped him create Thor’s video greeting. I then used that video greeting and played that during my WAD event 🙂 And then of course we also kept in touch through various social networking sites.

And finally, on December 22, 2009, after years of connecting only through the virtual world, I met my longtime “virtual” (now IRL) friend Thor 🙂

Ah, nothing beats meeting a friend for the very first time, yes?

Here’s a video clip of Thor singing “One Last Cry.” Took this one when he jammed alongside K24/7:

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