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Batchoy at Tita Annie’s Victoria Plaza Davao City Mindanao – fail!

Upon my mom’s prodding, we decided to eat at Tita Annie’s at Victoria Plaza, Bajada, Davao City in a recent trip to my hometown Davao. I was craving for batchoy at that time so I ordered the Tita Annie’s special batchoy.

Batchoy is basically comprised of sweet meat broth, slices of meat and pork innards, spring onions, garlic and other taste enhancers plus fresh noodles. Batchoy is usually topped off with crushed pork cracklings (chicharon).

So you can just imagine my dismay when this was served to me:

tita annie's batchoy

Not only did it taste bland, I particularly didn’t like the fact that the chicharon wasn’t crushed. Instead of being extra toppings, the pork skin cracklings looked as if they were “part” of the meal itself. Ayayay.

Meal wasn’t worth it. That was a disappointment.

What about you guys? Have you been disappointed with a meal you ordered recently?

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  • John Baricuatro

    Thank you for your comments regarding the Batchoy of Tita Annie’s.

    Your findings will serve as our inspiration to improve further.

    God Bless.

    John Baricuatro

  • john baricuatro

    Tita Annie’s recently opened at C5 along Roxas Ave.,
    I would like to invite you to dine with us there. It has an al fresco setting and is offering buffet for only 99 pesos. We are open from breakfast till dinner. Hope to see you there soon and looking forward to get some comments too.

    Thank you

    John Baricuatro

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