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Waiting for my Google Adsense check…it’s a week late!

Don’t you just hate to wait? Especially if you’re waiting for some moolah? I’m supposed to receive a Google Adsense check but it’s been a week and I haven’t received anything in the mail yet. I checked my Adsense account and it was stated that a check was issued last April 28, 2009 (which means that given 4 weeks delivery time, it should have arrived last May 28, 2009!) This is exactly why I can hardly trust the Philippine Post Office anymore!

To make matters worse, I did a little research a few hours ago and found a blog post about this guy who complained that his Google Adsense check was encashed by a stranger! Holy smokes %^$#&% I hope that doesn’t happen to me!

So now I want to know…has anybody out there received their Google Adsense check via standard delivery? How long did it take before you received the check in the mail? Were there any problems?

Please feel free to share your experiences as I’m getting a bit worried 🙁

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