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Waiting for my Google Adsense check…it’s a week late!

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Don't you just hate to wait? Especially if you're waiting for some moolah? I'm supposed to receive a Google Adsense check but it's been a week and I haven't received anything in the mail yet. I checked my Adsense account and it was stated that a check was issued last April 28, 2009 (which means that given 4 weeks delivery time, it should have arrived last May 28, 2009!) This is exactly why I can hardly trust the Philippine Post Office anymore! To make matters worse, I did a little research a few hours ago and found a blog post about this guy who complained that his Google Adsense check was encashed by a stranger! Holy smokes %^$#&% I hope that doesn't happen to me! So now I want to know...has anybody out there received their Google Adsense check via standard delivery? How long di...
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