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Thermal scanner to be installed at Lumbia Airport Cagayan de Oro

I got word that Philippine Airlines (PAL) has donated a thermal scanner that can detect if a person has flu or fever. This thermal scanner is set to be installed at the Lumbia Airport in Cagayan de Oro City, Northern Mindanao very soon.

This is really very good news especially since there are now 10 confirmed H1N1 virus cases in the country (and if I’m not mistaken, three people in the Caraga region, Mindanao are currently being suspected of carrying the deadly virus as well) Interestingly, it had to take a corporate giant like PAL to donate a working thermal scanner just so passengers using the Cagayan de Oro airport can be assessed for fever or flu or be more protected against the H1N1 virus. So exactly where’s the health department in all of these?

What about the local government?

I’m sure that more and more passengers from the Northern Mindanao area are now more anxious than ever for the opening of the Laguindingan International Airport.

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  • With all those thermal scanners installed at the ports, how can infected passengers still sneak into the country proving those machines to be inefficient. Any suspected virus carrier screen at port of entry so far?

    DOH should implement more drastic measures.

    Why not DOH just quarantine even for a week visitors from infected countries? What do you think? China with much larger volume of foreign visitors controlled the virus spread much better. Why? They sent back home those Mexicans in China.

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