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Teriyaki Boy now open in SM Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao

Seems like the City of Golden Friendship is fast becoming the new city of major developments! Cagayan de Oro City is the newest home of a Teriyaki Boy branch.

Teriyaki Boy is a fast-casual Japanese dining restaurant here in the Philippines and yes, I often make it a point to drop by one of their branches in Manila (I also like Tokyo Tokyo, another fast-casual Japanese-style dining restaurant chain which has a couple of branches in Manila).

Thankfully, Teriyaki Boy now have an outlet in CDO — in SM City CDO along Masterson Avenue, to be exact.

Teriyaki Boy Cagayan de Oro

*picture taken using only my Motorola Krzr

Is it just me or has Teriyaki Boy changed their corporate look? Their logo used to have red and black, yes?…now I noticed that they prominently used yellow. Or does this look only apply in their SM CDO branch?

Anyways, as soon as I saw their new outlet, I ordered some meals to go. I ordered my favorite Ebi Fry (breaded deep-fried prawns), Teriyaki Boy Chicken Don (boneless chicken marinated in special Teriyaki Boy sauce), 2 orders of Yakimeshi (Japanese fried rice with vegetables and ground pork), miso soup and requested a cup of their house tea. I requested that only the miso soup and the tea be served while the others should be to go. (Before you get so surprised with my order, the meals were for meant for three people hehe)

Unfortunately, my first visit at the new Teriyaki Boy branch in SM Cagayan de Oro City wasn’t all that smooth. My waiter messed up my order so I had to wait longer. My miso soup was served way before the house tea plus I even had to remind the waiter about my drink. They served the wrong package to me at first (thank goodness I checked else I would’ve carried a Tonkatsu meal instead of Ebi Fry!) Still, I knew very well that they’re new and I’m sure the waiters and waitresses are still adjusting to their new jobs so I really didn’t mind the “confusion” that much.

What I liked about the new branch, by the way, was its interiors. Very clean and stylish looking.I didn’t quite understand the long strands of cloth (?) that hung from the ceiling, though, but still…I think overall the new branch was tastefully designed.

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