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The power of luya, salabat and Pei Pa Koa

So I’m up at 3 o’clock in the morning. I’m set to travel to Koronadal City, Mindanao in a few hours. Terribly excited to see another part of my beloved Island of Mindanao but a bit worried, too. Not about traveling to the place formerly called Marbel but because I lost my voice…literally!

I caught nasty cough and colds a few days ago and now I’m paying for the consequence — I currently have terribly hoarse voice. Two days ago was the worst. I could barely hear myself. I couldn’t hear anything when I tried to utter a word!

Enter my immediate remedies for this type of emergency — luya (ginger), salabat (ginger ale) and the ever trusty Pei Pa Koa.

Ever since I was a child, my mother always reminded us of the wonders of luya and salabat. And of course, mothers know best. Ginger and ginger ale always proved to be effective. When I was still a part of the Carillon (Ateneo glee club), our choir master also recommended that we drink salabat every now and then.

Fast forward a few years — I now have a third remedy. Pei Pa Koa.

Have any of you tried Pei Pa Koa?

I do know that the Philippines recalled the Pei Pa Koa stocks back in 2006 because allegedly, there were traces of formalin (!) in them. I remember that order caused quite a ruckus back then. However, the products are back in the market and Pei Pa Koa aficionados (like me!) are happy again 😀

It’s been two days since I started taking Pei Pa Koa again and I can definitely see positive changes in my voice. Hopefully I can have my voice back later today. I can’t roam around Koronadal City and then just whisper to people, yes?

What about you — any fast fixes/remedies to cough, colds or hoarse voice?

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  • In China, they call it ‘Ke le bao jiang’. A ginger juice on a hot soda (koka~kola). An option for a free tea drink but they normally charge it for RMB10. They serve it in a massage parlors, karaoke bars, fitness gym, and selected Chinese restaurants. It tastes great!

    Itut’s last blog post..Shenzhen City: How to go there?

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