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Discover Region 12 and ARMM in Intramuros – until Feb. 16 only!

Curious as to what Region XII, Mindanao and Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) can offer? Head on down to the Intramuros History Town and discover the beauty of these two Mindanao areas. The said exhibit will go on an extended run until Feb. 16, 2009 only so you better hurry up! Better yet, why not make that visit your Valentine’s Day celebration?

From what I gathered from Sen. Richard Gordon, the Region XII and ARMM showcase in Intramuros History Town has so far been drawing roughly 6,000 visitors daily. Not bad, eh? I wonder how many of those 6,000 are certified Mindanaoans who just happen to be in Manila? 🙂

This Intramuros History Town project, conceived by Senator Gordon, is pretty interesting and can really help boost tourism especially for the Island of Mindanao. Especially now that a lot of problems have been plaguing our beloved area. I agree with Sen. Gordon when he said that the sheer number of daily visitors alone confirms the fact that taking stock in Philippine history and heritage could make a difference.

“We showed that Mindanao, despite being unjustly portrayed by local and foreign media, is a land of people who are as committed to the ways of peace as we are and whose rich history and unique culture welcome all who seek it,” the Independent senator said.

Kudos to Senator Gordon and for all of you Mindanaoans out there, do share this piece of information. Tell your friends, family and even tourists to drop by at the Intramuros History Town and check out the Region XII and ARMM showcase. When we all join forces and promote the beauty of our beloved Mindanao, we can really do wonders!


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