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Dabawenya Mindanaoan to compete in Binibining Pilipinas 2009

priscilla mae navidadI was pleasantly surprised to see our “Baby South” during the press presentation of the official candidates of this year’s Binibining Pilipinas 2009 pageant. “Baby South” refers to Priscilla Mae Navidad, a 17 year old Dabawenya. I met Mae a few years ago in Davao City, Mindanao. I was helping organize the Davao leg of the nationwide “Rainbow Tour” of premiere Filipino band South Border and after the concert, I was also selling copies of their award-winning platinum CD, “Episode III” (yes, I know, major plugging na ‘to LOL :D) Anyways, there was this tall girl who kept on asking me if she could meet Jay Durias (South Border’s musical director and keyboardist) because, according to her, they were cousins.

I must admit, I had reservations at first because after all, there was virtually A MOB of fans there at that time and there was no way for me to tell if her claim was true or not. However, there was just something real and innocent and sincere about her and so I allowed her to enter the backstage. To make the long story short, Jay was even thankful because I let Mae in. It was pala a reunion that he has been waiting for. Now was that cool or what?

Anyways, after that fateful “meeting,” Mae and I have kept in touch. Whenever South Border has a concert in Davao, we always meet before the show, chit chat as if there’s no tomorrow and together welcome our favorite band with shrieks and shrills. The last time we saw each other was during Jay’s solo concert at The Venue (Mae already won the Miss Teen Philippines pageant at that time). A few months later, she entered the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition reality show (ABS-CBN Channel 2). She was tagged as the “Deaf Dreamer from Davao.”ย  After her PBB stint, we got in touch through text and even planned a get-together. Unfortunately things just got so busy – we were both busy traveling – she for her PBB related concerts and I for my business and work. And now, I learned that she entered the Binibining Pilipinas 2009 pageant! Wow, I feel so old LOL Ah, our baby Mae is really all grown up!

Anyways, I wish her good luck. Let’s hope another Mindanaoan beauty captures the crown this year!

The Bb. Pilipinas 2009 coronation night will be on March 7, 2009 and will be aired via GMA Channel 7.

Here are the official 24 candidates of the Binibining Pilipinas 2009:

Priscilla Navidad
Abegail Lesley Cruz
Diana Arevalo
Barbara Salvador
Marie Ann Umali
Ma. Paula Bianca Paz
Mary Jane dela Cruz
Jaysel Arozal
Regina Hahn
Richell Angalot aka Rich Asuncion
Mary Tifanny Jones
Vanessa Johnson
Melody Gersbach
Hazel Sutch
Cheryl Oliveros
Carishiela May Kaujpers
Keann Mallari
Marie Loraine de Guzman
Sandras Inez Seifert
Pamela Bianca Manalo
Gizelle Jasmin Rivamonte
April Love Jordan
Stephanie Sineres
Priscilla Mae Honorio

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  • Loraine

    Contestant # 3 Rich Asuncion (Angalot) – please check her; kasi siya dalagang ina; malaki na daughter niya sa Bohol.

    Pwede na ba contestant sa Binibinig Pilipinas ang dalagang ina?

    Di ba unfair sa mga dalaga na di pa nagkaanak na mga contestant sa binibini?

  • arnel

    i like priscilla mae navidad a lot..she’s the best.i really felt bad when i found out she didnt get to the top 10…what a waste…she should have gone to the top 3…but she’s still young and full of life..hope she will join again.God bless her

  • @loraine – i’m not familiar with the requirements/pre-requisites in order for one to be a candidate but i’m sure the binibining pilipinas organizers did everything they could in order to check a candidate’s background

  • shelby

    i love this girl so much even in PBB time. i saw her a couple of times in different mall and she is even prettier in person. Priscilla Navidad would have won the international pageant if the judges gave her the chance. i was waiting for her to join again this year’s pageant but unfortunately she opted not to this time. she is such a darling in philippine history of women with her courage despite of her condition but hey!priscilla or anyone of you that know her, tell her she should join next year. We love to see her again.

  • tony

    where is Priscilla Navidad now?she is so pretty and oozing with sexiness… i love also south border the best band ever can you please post there shows.

  • honey

    Priscilla Navidad is one of the finest ladies in the philippines. if only the judges gave her the chance to represent our country for the international pageant then it will be a another pride of our country. i admire her courage and her perseverance and determination. i saw her on PBB and saw her also a couple of times in the malls and she look so beautiful in person, with a very humble heart. no traces of facial surgery just a simple but very gorgeous lady. i wish her all the best and will always wait for her comeback. i’m proud of her.

  • michaelangelo

    so our gorgeous bet for bb.pilipinas miss princess priscila left us for USA? wanna know if she’s for good or what? how about her career back here? i hope she will come back and continue what she has begun. really adore her braveness. she is such a very wonderful and beautiful person. i hope to meet her one day. may God bless her always.

    • @Michaelangelo – Mae is the only one left here in the Philippines. Her mother and siblings are already in the US so she has to move na rin ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m pretty sure she will come home naman every now and then. Thanks for visiting!

  • admirer

    she’s our davao’s pride.not only in davao city but our country philippines.she’s one of a kind. as tagged the AMAZING BEAUTY.WE love you priscilla.

  • brandi

    is she related to one of the south border member? we would love to see her mtv with south border.that would be great.we love south border me and my family.

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