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Will Davao have its own airline soon?

I’ve been receiving buzz from various businessmen around Mindanao and in Manila that Davao City is supposedly set to have its “own airline” very soon. By own airline, I reckon they mean an entire fleet with “Davao” in its name somewhere and that it will serve as Davao City’s very own answer to Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines. I asked a few well-placed personalities in Davao if they’ve heard of this and most of them did confirm that there are “movements” on this plan.

If ever this will push through, this will definitely give Mindanao travel and tourism a big boost. I wonder, though, if the planes of this alleged fleet are as small as those of Mindanao Express’ (Beechcraft 1900C)? Or if the planes are basically those of Mindanao Express’ and then they’d just change the name? Is that possible? It would be great, though, if the so-called “Davao airline” airplanes would at least be as large as those owned by PAL or Air Philippines or Cebu Pacific.

Also, I wonder what the name of the fleet would be? Davao Air? Davao Spirit? Spirit of Davao? 😀

Ikaw, what do you think will be a great name for this alleged Davao airplane fleet?

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