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Bukidnon provincial government employees receive P50,000 Christmas bonus

So how much did you receive as Christmas bonus this year? If you think your ten or twenty thousand pesos is already a big amount, think again. Government employees in Bukidnon received fifty thousand pesos for their bonus this December. Yes, Provincial Government of Bukidnon (PGB) employees received P50,000.00 each (more than a thousand US dollars) this year.

Don’t be too surprised, though, because the said amount is actually LESSER than what the regular Bukidnon provincial government employees received last year. The year 2007 saw each and every regular provincial government of Bukidnon employee receiving a staggering eighty thousand pesos (P80,000.00)

Interestingly, some of my friends working in the PGB said that the P50,000.00 still wasn’t enough. They said that they still have to pay a lot of IOUs.

“Daghan pa gihapon mi utang nga pagabayran (We still have a lot of debts to pay off). Nag-hope gyud ko nga more than eighty thousand ang bonus but kini ra man (I really hoped that the bonus would be more than eighty thousand but this is all we got),” one of my female friends said. She recently got hitched and has a baby boy. Still, my friend admitted that the fifty thousand bonus was a big help for her and her family. She admitted it was definitely a far cry from the usual five thousand bonus most private employees in Bukidnon received this year.

Which brings me to ask…how come a province like Bukidnon can afford to give this much as bonus to its government employees?

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