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Review: Mallberry Suites Cagayan de Oro City hotel

De Luxe RoomIMPORTANT NOTE: This review of Mallberry Suites CDO was written in 2008. A lot of things have changed since then. You can see the new facilities and book your Mallberry Suites CDO hotel room here.

I’ve been staying in a lot of various hotels in Cagayan de Oro City as of late. One of my favorites so far is the Mallberry Suites Business Hotel, which is located right along Florentino Street. It’s right behind the Robinson’s Mall near the Lim Ket Kai Center in downtown Cagayan de Oro City.

Mallberry Suites CDO is a relatively new hotel in Cagayan de Oro, which is dubbed the “City of Golden Friendship.” It’s perfect for traveling businessmen who need a place where “everything’s within reach” and for someone who may need to conduct their meetings at the same hotel where they’re billeted in.

I stayed in one of the De Luxe Rooms (P2,400.00 per night) at Malberry Suites Cagayan de Oro. Now, compared to the Superior Room (P2,200.00 per night), the De Luxe Room has bigger space and has a refrigerator (which I like because you know how expensive drinks at a hotel can be — hence, during my stay in Mallberry, I purchased several bottles of mineral water, my favorite shandy and juices from the nearby Robinson’s Mall grocery department).

Ref at the De Luxe RoomThe other room types in Mallberry Suites include Standard Room (P1,980.00), Junior Suite (P3,300.00), the Mallberry Suite, the Superior Executive (P2,780.00), De Luxe Executive (2,980.00), Junior Executive (P3,700.00) and Presidential Suite (P7,500.00) The rates I cited here are inclusive of the mandatory 12% government tax. The said rates apply to both single and double occupancies and include buffet breakfast good for two. If you need an extra bed or if there’s an additional person in your room, you will be charged P490.00 per extra bed or person and should that person also have breakfast the next day, the charge is extra P220.00. Mallberry Suites hotel’s rates are expensive based on CDO standards, yes. However, the hotel is relatively new, it’s just a few steps away from Lim Ket Kai (the largest mall in the city) and it does have beautiful interiors and luxurious amenities.

Businessmen will find their conference/meeting rooms adequate and events organizers will also like their ballroom. Apart from the ref and the bigger space, two other things that I liked about my room were the bathtub and the huge mirror window. As much as possible, I avoid rooms that do not have any windows at all. Not that I’m claustrophobic but I like to see and feel the sun’s rays in the morning. And yes, any hotel room that has a clean bathtub gets plus points from me.

The buffet breakfast is served at the 7th floor, specifically at the Tangerine Room. I particularly enjoyed breakfast! I’m really not a breakfast eater but the sumptuous array of delish food was really difficult to pass up. During my stay, they served the typical Filipino breakfast – sinangag (fried rice), creamy scrambled eggs, your choice of tapa, tocino, fried bangus, vegetables etc. There was a mini bread and cereal station for the light eaters and of course, coffee for caffeine addicts like myself, orange juice and hot chocolate for the kids.

On the other hand, there were also certain things that I didn’t like, though. For a laptop-carrying entrepreneur like myself, I was somehow expecting that they’d offer free Wi-Fi service. While the hotel is a Wi-Fi zone, such service doesn’t come for free. I had to buy a Wi-Fi card. I think it was P100.00 good for 3-5 hours or something. Also, too bad that the hotel doesn’t have a swimming pool. It would have been great to have taken a few laps in the pool before I retired off to sleep. I guess the management didn’t see the need for it (yet) since presumably they want to stick to the “business hotel” image first.

Good thing the hotel is at the downtown area so it’s easy for one to just take a cab and check out the bars along nearby Corrales Street. Alternative nightcap.

All in all, my stay in Mallberry Suites Cagayan de Oro City was a good one. I’d go back and recommend the hotel to others.


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