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How to know if you have fake Philippine money

The news item in today’s Philippine Daily Inquirer about fake money circulating in Davao del Sur has prompted me to write a few pointers on how to know if you have fake Philippine money. I’ve actually written about this a few years back in my newspaper column, back when there seemed to have been a massive spread of fake 500 Philippine peso bills. Hopefully these quick pointers can help all of you.

According to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, real currency notes are a bit rough in terms of texture. However, fake bills are smooth to the touch. Real Philippine money bills also have embossed watermarks. You can see the watermark when you expose the bill to a strong source of light (notice that you can find an image on the left side of the bill)

Real currency bills have window security threads which are colored green to magenta placed against the strong light. I’m not sure if we already have this in the Philippines but in other countries, they use counterfeit pens in order to check if a bill is real or not. I reckon this uses ultraviolet rays in order to see if the currency note is legit.

Meanwhile, when it comes to coins, genuine Philippine 10 and 5 peso coins are NOT magnetic.

These 5 and 10 peso coins also have deep griddings and are made of fine metal.

Now if you believe that you got duped and received fake money, go to the nearest police station or contact BSP.
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